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Woman left amazed after she paid £120 for pallet of John Lewis returns and 'hits jackpot'

Woman left amazed after she paid £120 for pallet of John Lewis returns and 'hits jackpot'

YouTuber Emily got all kinds of goodies inside her big bargain box

A woman was left amazed after she paid £120 for pallet of John Lewis returns and totally hit the jackpot.

The majority of us online shopping lovers are guilty of sending back the odd item or two - and not necessarily just because it doesn’t work. Maybe we change our mind and realise we actually don’t need a second set of hair curlers.

But what happens to all the opened products that get returned to sellers?

Well, products that are sent back to department stores like John Lewis will end up in these pallets, used to help them offload old stock.

Auction houses will flog these treasure chests of things for less than ten percent of the RRP of contents. And YouTuber Emily Canham bagged hers for just £120 - something she managed to earn back in one item alone.

The pallet looked enormous.
YouTube/Emily Canham

TikTok and YouTubers like Emily will unbox their pallets in videos while we sit and envy their mystery products. They make for such a satisfying watch.

You can literally get all sorts - from Dyson products to GHDs - but the John Lewis ones can often include fault electricals that will need a professional to fix them.

A pro in the return pallet bidding, Emily usually nabs herself one every year, even if it is a bit of a gamble. She explained that she got hers from auction house William George.

Emily Canham bagged the returns pallet for just £120
YouTube/Emily Canham

Emily didn’t have a clue what would be in her John Lewis returns pallet or if any of the goodies would even work.

But trust us, she got lucky with this one.

Taking out the treasures of her bargain box, Emily showed off products like a clothes steamer and a mini blender, among other pricy items.

Practically the same height as her, Emily had to almost climb into the cardboard where she pulled out a GHD product, which happens to be her ‘favourite hair curler’.

Saying it’s worth about £120, she said: “It literally looks like it hasn’t been taken out the box and it also says it’s been tested. So I guess it works!” That’s the money she spent on the pallet back already.

Emily even spotted a huge Nespresso box inside.
YouTube/Emily Canham

Something that really got the YouTuber excited was an electric blanket, as she exclaimed: “I’ve always wanted a heated blanket.”

Emily even spotted a huge Nespresso box inside.

“This has definitely been used,” she said as she cradled the coffee machine.

In the pallet, there was also a Lavazza milk frother which ‘retails for £69-ish’, a GHD travel hairdryer, a BaByliss curling wand, a DeLonghi coffee machine which has been ‘tested and it works’ and a BaByliss men’s hair clipper.

Excitedly saying ‘this is big, this is really big’, Emily pulled out a Shark air purifier from the box.

She added: “This is massive, it’s passed so it works… These retail from about £80 to £120 we’ve found. This could be something that I genuinely use day to day.”

Often, a lot of people who buy these return pallets will go on to re-sell the products inside to make themselves a profit. It's a bit of a gamble, but a great life hack if it works out for you.

Fellow bargain lovers were impressed with the pallet, with one commenting: “I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get one myself.”

While another wrote: “You get so lucky with these returns.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Emily Canham

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