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Man slammed for shaming girlfriend over her 'disgusting' period pants

Man slammed for shaming girlfriend over her 'disgusting' period pants

People were shocked by the boyfriend's 'obsessive' comments

A man has been slammed after he criticised his girlfriend about her underwear.

Asking for advice on Reddit, the woman explained that the couple had been doing laundry together when he picked up some of her underwear, that despite having been washed, was a little blood stained.

While she tried to explain that the underwear was clean - and that she only wears them during her period - she said she felt 'gross' and 'alienated' after he called her unhygienic.

Explaining that her boyfriend is mega hygienic, the woman began: "If you ask me, he's a little over the top on how clean he and everything around the house needs to be 24/7.

"He will scrub his body 3 separate times in one shower cycle just to make sure he doesn't miss any dirt.

"His showers are easily an hour most days if not more. I obviously have good basic hygiene skills, but I am much more relaxed.

The woman explained that some underwear was specifically for her period.
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"Yesterday night we were doing laundry [...] He came across one of my pairs of panties that I specifically only wear during that time of the month. I'm certain ladies will understand that we keep panties separate for periods than we do for when we aren't.

"Aka I have my ugly or maybe blood stained pairs for my period, and my cute and well kept ones for when I'm not on my period."

She went on: "Anyways, upon seeing these, he told me that I need to throw that pair away and that it's disgusting and unhygienic. He made quite a few comments about how gross they are despite them being CLEAN but just blood stained from a previous period/spotting situation."

The woman tried to explain that she keeps the underwear specifically for times of the month, but felt upset when she realised her boyfriend just wasn't getting it.

"It made me feel really... I don't know gross? Ugly? Alienated? I'm not really sure but it definitely made me upset and feel some type of way about something I felt was natural I guess," she said.

The couple were doing the laundry together when he made the comment.
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And other Reddit users were shocked at the boyfriend's reaction, with plenty of women explaining they also have specific underwear to use during their period days.

"Nothing you’re doing is gross or unhygienic, your boyfriend is obsessive with his hygiene not better. It’s understandable to have underwear etc specifically for that time of the month," wrote one.

While another said: "There is nothing wrong with period panties. It's how you handle your time of the month, and it's a system that works."

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