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Woman admits she doesn't text male friends unless she's in group chat with her husband

Woman admits she doesn't text male friends unless she's in group chat with her husband

The reaction, as you can probably guess, has been strong.

A woman has sparked a major debate online after sharing the 'traditional wife' things she does for her husband to keep him happy.

Sarah Elrod posted a video to TikTok, where she boasts over 39,000 followers, revealing some of the more controversial rules she lives by as a housewife. Take a look:

Joking in the caption that she hopes her video makes it onto 'traditional wife TikTok', Sarah listed out three 'things she does for her husband that not everyone will agree with.'

The first, she says, is waking up every morning at 5am to make her husband Tyler breakfast and lunch for the day.

Okay, so waking up at 5am every morning sounds a little exhausting, but it's a sweet gesture - not too bad, right?

But her second rule and third rules sparked a little backlash.

"We don't text opposite sex friends unless we are all in a group chat together," she told her followers.

And finally, she added: "He gets to make the final call on decisions when we cannot decide what to do."

As you can probably imagine, those rules didn't suit everyone.

Sarah's rules were pretty controversial with her viewers.

To be fair, some people were really into Sarah and Tyler's way of life and took to the comments to reassure her.

"This is me and my husband! We also don't go to bed at separate times. We both go or we wait," shared one follower.

"Looks like a beautiful home. Good women do things like that. Good for you," wrote a second.

"We are the same. I do this for my man," commented a third.

But most of the comments were pretty heavily against it.

"Sounds like a prison," one horrified viewer wrote.

"This isn't 'traditional'. He controls you and you try way too hard to keep him happy by treating him like a child," warned a second.

"I married an equal partner so I couldn't relate to any of this," a third quipped.

A few people were on Sarah's side, but she got a lot of hate for the video.

But Sarah was happy to hit back at the haters.

In a follow-up video, the housewife and TikTok creator expressed how disappointed she was about the 'double standard' she was seeing in the comment section.

"What is it about toxic modern day feminist behaviour that makes you guys think that I am trapped, or in some abusive, controlling relationship because I get up early and cook a meal for my husband in the morning and I choose to respect him and not text people?" she asked.

"Everything I posted in that video is just what works for me and my husband. It may not work for you and that's fine."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/themakingofelrodranch

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