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Plus-size woman insists size doesn't matter as she goes public with new boyfriend

Plus-size woman insists size doesn't matter as she goes public with new boyfriend

Alex shared a loved-up clip with her new beau

A plus-size influencer on TikTok has insisted that size doesn't matter after she shared a loved-up clip with her new boyfriend last week.

You can watch the video below:

Alex Aspasia - who goes by @alexaspasia on the video sharing platform - shared the clip on her page, which sees her cuddling up to her new fella as they share a sweet kiss on the lips.

“Don’t let your size stop you from finding someone special,” Alex wrote.

The influencer - who was dressed up as Jessica Rabbit in the video - is 5ft 11 and weighs 330 pounds. Viewers were loving the sweet clip and took to the comments to praise the couple for being so open about their relationship.

One person wrote: "That is goals, if its not like this i dont want it."

While another said: "Exactly, your perfect for someone. go find them."

The couple looked mega loved up in the clip.

Unfortunately, despite so many lovely comments from followers, Alex explained she had received negative comments from trolls following the video she shared with her new beau.

In a follow up clip, she said: "Why y’all so mad?"

In the video, she can be seen sitting on public transport while her boyfriend kisses her cheek.

She added: "Laughing at the trolls who hate that I'm a fat woman with an amazing partner."

Unfortunately, Alex received some cruel messages from trolls.

In other relationship news, we told you about the woman who decided to make an actual PowerPoint presentation for her Tinder profile, in the hope of bagging a date.

Victoria Voos made the creative slides in less than half an hour at the beginning of the month after seeing someone else on the app with a similar idea.

Victoria, a social media manager and content creator, from San Diego, US, said: “I love to be creative, so it didn’t take me long to put together.

“I created slides on my interests and made it clear that I like boujee things rather than being into active stuff."

And it seems to have gone down pretty well, with Victoria receiving an influx of messages.

She’s even the recipient of up to four ‘super likes’ per day, after previously only receiving three or four a year.

“I’m plus-sized and I’m not everyone’s cup of tea,” she added.

“It’s hard finding someone who doesn’t just want to get laid by someone larger or is fatphobic. We can’t control the options out there but hopefully my profile will help me catch the right ones."

You can read more on that here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@alexaspasiabackup1/TikTok

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