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Waking Up To The 'Harsh Beeping' Of An Alarm Can Make You More Groggy

Waking Up To The 'Harsh Beeping' Of An Alarm Can Make You More Groggy

This explains a lot.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

We've all been so groggy in the morning that we've actually slept through our alarms, or turned them off without consciously realising.

But according to a new study, how you wake up could be a lot to do with which sound you choose.

According to a study by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, 'melodic' alarms are actually a much healthier way for us to wake up.

In fact, the classic 'beep beep' options could encourage grogginess, as they can increase the chance of sleep inertia.

Sleep inertia is a period of impaired cognitive performance (basically, a reduction in alertness) shortly after waking. This can sometimes explain why we struggle to remember something that occurred after first waking up (whether we've downed a strong coffee or not).

Your alarm sound could be making you groggy in the morning (

In most people it lasts for around 15-30 minutes, although in some cases it can continue for hours.

But now, scientists think the right type of alarm could reduce this.

Stuart McFarlane, who led the study, said: "If you don't wake properly, work performance can be degraded for up to four hours.

"And that has been linked to major accidents. You would assume that a startling 'beep beep beep' alarm would improve alertness, but our data revealed that melodic alarms may be the key element."

Stuart explained it's especially important for people in high-risk jobs, such as the emergency services.

"This is important for people who might work in dangerous situations shortly after waking, like firefighters or pilots," he added.

We do some very silly things when we're sleep deprived (

So what's the best tune for your alarm?

According to the study, 'Good Vibrations' by The Beach Boys and 'Close To Me' by The Cure are good options, as they have just the right amount of melody and rhythm.

As most of us know, grogginess and sleep deprivation can lead to us doing some *very* clumsy things.

With 74 per cent of adults not getting enough sleep, a study by Bed SOS revealed some shocking stories.

One person admitted to pouring coffee on her cereal while another emptied the washing machine before putting all her clothes away... in the fridge.

First thing we're doing tonight? Changing our alarm.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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