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Doctor shares his four best tips for waking up early that actually work

Doctor shares his four best tips for waking up early that actually work

Do you want to wake up early? Try these tips.

If you struggle to get up in the morning, this doctor is here to help you out.

Whether you roll or jump out of bed, as long as you’re on time for work and events is all that matters.

TikTok doctor Chris P - who goes by the handle - regularly shares health tips and tricks to keep you on track to a healthier life, but this new one has people concerned about whether they can actually manage to do it. Can you?

Let’s see! Here are his best tips for waking up early in the morning:

The first thing the doctor lists off is that you shouldn’t have any caffeine after 12pm ‘the day before’.

Okay, so for coffee addicts like me, that’s not going to happen. Do you want to see what I’m like without my humanising drink?

According to Chris, ‘good sleep starts the day before’, so making sure that you are preparing ahead can make all the difference to you getting a good night sleep.

Apparently, it works ‘like clockwork’ for the doctor, which is why it takes the top spot on his tried and tested sleep tips.

But it’s actually the second tip which has proven to be the most effective for being able to wake up early.

He said: “Setting my alarm to something hype. Every night be fore I go to bed, I say ‘Alexa set alarm for 4:40-5am to blank’ and usually for me that’s EDM, I really like Jason Ross.”

This TikTok doctor shares his four tips to getting out of bed early.

As it turns out, bopping your way out of bed in the mornings might be a key factor in actually getting up and not just rolling over for an extra snooze.

If you’re setting your alarm to something you ‘really enjoy’, the doctor believes it’s a sure fire way to get up and start your day.

His third tip is to place an alarm far away from you so that you absolutely have to get out in order to turn it off.

That’s pretty annoying at the time, but if it gets you up, it works!

So, what’s the last trick to being able to bound out of bed in the morning at an early time?

It’s setting out an outfit beforehand the evening before, so that you don’t have to waste energy on trying to coordinate an outfit.

I mean, you could always do a Steve Jobs and wear the exact same outfit each day, but it could get boring for those who are fashion conscious.

Do you think these tips will work for you?

The tips seem reasonable enough, but a lot of commenters jumped in to share why they just couldn’t manage this type of routine.

One relatable person wrote: “Babe I don't even wake up before 12pm.”

Another warned him about the dangers of waking up so early: “You’re playing a dangerous game if you’re not strictly in bed by 8:30pm if you hope to get up at 5 or sooner.”

A third commenter likes to live life on the edge: “I only set one alarm. It’s psychotic. But it works. You’re not gonna snooze or cancel if you have a single lifeline to get to work!”

As long as you’re actually getting out of bed, that’s enough to be proud of.

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