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There's A Genius Hack To Hoover Up Hard-To-Reach Crumbs Using A Straw

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There's A Genius Hack To Hoover Up Hard-To-Reach Crumbs Using A Straw

Isn't it annoying when you clean your home from top to bottom and there's still a few pesky crumbs under the oven and fitted furniture units that you just can't reach?

The hoover nozzle doesn't quite fit to reach them, and your arm isn't long or thin enough to get at them with a dust-pan and brush... for years, we just accepted they were there to stay.

But now we've discovered a frankly life-changing new hoovering hack, and it's going to mean your floor is finally clear of every last morsel.

All you need to do is get a plastic lid with a straw (as you'd see on a takeout fizzy drink) and put it on the top of your hoover's mouth, in place of the nozzle.


Then, the straw acts as a much smaller nozzle that you can dig into those hard-to-reach areas and picks up all the little bits of dust and dirt that would otherwise lay dormant.

This straw hack is going to change everything (Credit: Yas Dursun)
This straw hack is going to change everything (Credit: Yas Dursun)


The hack had been quietly doing the rounds on Facebook cleaning groups when Yas Dursun, from Sydney, Australia, decided to give it a go.


She'd spotted it on a group called Mums Who Clean, and when she shared her results, fellow members were blown away by how simple yet effective it is.

"After years of not being able to reach the crumbs in parts of the oven, this was the answer, god bless mums who clean," she wrote, sharing pictures of her hoover fitted with the lid and straw.

The straw cleans hard-to-reach areas (Credit: Yas Dursun)
The straw cleans hard-to-reach areas (Credit: Yas Dursun)

Speaking to Tyla she explained: "I basically kept the lid and straw from my sons Macca's frozen cola, washed and dried the lid.


"I removed the long stick of the vacuum cleaner and held the the straw and lid in place (or the vacuum will suck up the straw) alternatively you can sticky tape or super glue the straw to make it easier."

".........MIND B L O W N," one group member wrote after spotting the nifty trick.

A second was just happy she could use cleaning as an excuse for a Maccies lunch. "Good excuse for drive through," she joked.



Meanwhile, another penned: "OMG I need to try this for under the fridge!"

Another group member added: "Game changer!! This would be awesome for the car beside the seats!!!" and others suggested it could be used to clean window sills, and even an (unplugged) toaster, too.

We're 100 per cent stealing this trick.

Featured Image Credit: Yas Dursun

Joanna Freedman
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