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People Can't Believe This Man's Message About Women's Orgasms

People Can't Believe This Man's Message About Women's Orgasms

We're SO confused RN.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Social media users are very confused about a man's take on women's orgasms.

A screengrab of a conversation with a man named Luke was shared on Twitter - and women have a lot of questions.

The person who shared the screengrab wrote: "I haven't been able to stop thinking about this for days... What did he mean... What does he know?"

The screengrab was shared on Twitter (

In the message, the man and woman appear to be having a conversation about female orgasms.

After being called 'high maintenance' the woman writes: "Why does it sound high maintenance to want the person you're sharing your body with to want to give you an orgasm? I just don't want sex to feel one sided."

And the man replied: "Yeah but it sounds like work with you. With a man it requires minimal work and with you it sounds like a 20 to 30 minute ordeal.

The man seemed to be confused over female orgasms (

"I'm not trying to make a girl orgasm unless I plan on marrying her. Cu****g and orgasms are two different things. I'll make you c** I can't sit here and say I'll make you orgasm. Orgasms for women are kind of a big deal."

Anyone else mega confused?!

Also baffled, the original poster wrote: "Tell me about the secret forbidden orgasms Luke... scouring the ancient texts for scraps of information pointing to a mythical super orgasm... like Indiana Jones and the holy grail."

And another commented: "This is the funniest s**t I've ever seen! He thinks that cu****g and orgasms are different! I forget that our elders as well as health class have failed most of us when it comes to human sexuality.

The original poster was so confused (

"I met a guy who's in his 30's who didn't know the clitoris existed."

And another said: "Where did men learn 'cu****g and orgasms are different' because I've had men tell me this and I have no idea what it means."

We have so many questions for Luke!

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