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Harry Potter Superfan Moves Into 16 Bedroom House Just To Fit In Her £100K Collection

Harry Potter Superfan Moves Into 16 Bedroom House Just To Fit In Her £100K Collection

Now that is commitment.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Think you're the biggest Harry Potter fan ever? Think again.

One Harry Potter super fan from South Wales has had to sell her three-bedroom terrace home and buy a converted, 16-bedroom pub just to house her £100,000 collection.

Tracey could be the world's biggest 'Harry Potter' fan (
Caters News)

Tracey Nichol-Lewis, 46 - who says she would be in Gryffindor - explained she and her husband Martin have had to relocate 20 miles away because her valuable collection of items has outgrown their terrace home.

The family traded in their £200,000 property and bought a huge pub for a bargain price of £150,000. Tracey is now considering renovating the pub into a Harry Potter shrine, despite Martin not having read any of the books.

Tracey said: "We just had to move, so much of my collection was in a box in the attic, and I want to be able to display it all properly.

"I was desperate for a place to display them and now we can turn the house into a museum.

"Three of the rooms are full of Harry Potter but it still needs a lot of work. In my last house I had Gryffindor colours in the living room but now I want to do something different and make the bar area look more like Hogwarts."

Tracey traded in her terrace house for a 16 bedroom pub (
Caters News)

Martin explained Harry Potter "isn't his thing" but his son Jaiden, 11, is impressed with stepmum Tracey's collectibles, which includes pins, keyrings, bags, rare promotional items, books, clothes, shoes, and a chess set.

"I tolerate the collection," said Martin.

"I've seen the films over the years, because Tracey has watched them so many times, but I've never been compelled to pick up a book. It's just not my thing."

But the pub won't be solely filled with Harry Potter trinkets. Tracey managed to persuade Martin to move in by promising him at least one room for his own games machines.

Tracey has 5,000 items totally £100,000 (
Caters News)

As a mega super fan, Tracy has lost count of the number of times she's read the books and watched the films.

She's even travelled to Florida several times to meet members of the cast and has come face to face with everyone except Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson.

Tracey added: "I started reading the first book when I was pregnant with my son in 2002 and I just started collecting little bits.

"I just got little bits from Toys R Us and people would buy me stuff for my birthday. I keep adding things to my collection - Martin recently bought me a notebook, a pen and some decals.

Tracey wants to turn the pub into a 'Harry Potter' shrine (
Caters News)

"I have so many items that mean a lot to me. I have a huge wand collection, which my friends in America helped me get, so that's really special.

"I've made a lot of friends through Harry Potter and that's what I think makes it most special of all."

Believing her collection is one of the biggest in the world, Tracey has applied for a Guinness World Record and has even spent over six weeks photographing every single item.

We've got everything crossed for you Tracey!

Featured Image Credit: Caters News

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