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Care Home Builds 1950s Style Street To Take Dementia Patients Back In Time

Care Home Builds 1950s Style Street To Take Dementia Patients Back In Time

This is so amazing.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A care home in Bingley, West Yorkshire, has gone the extra mile to make its residents feel more at home, constructing a 1950s style street inside its confines.

From the outside, Five Rise nursing home looks like any other, but inside its 65 residents, who have dementia, are able to stroll on cobbled streets, and browse olde style shops.

The specially constructed street has everything from an on-site cinema, to an old fashioned sweet shop to a barbers, where they can pop in for a trim.

The home is mocked up like a 1950s street (

There's also a grocers, a toy shop, a bus stop (that's obviously just decorative) and an on-site letter box. Plus, there are even vintage cars and bikes on display to make the theme seem more life-like.

The whole space is decorated with bright colours and big windows to mentally stimulate the residents, too.

The street mentally stimulates residents with dementia (

The idea is to remind the residents of the "home comforts" they still recall fondly, and make them feel at ease.

Residents are encouraged to visit the street with their families and friends when they come to stay.

The residents love the especially mocked up street (

The incredible concept was first dreamed up by the care home's owners, twin brothers, Damien and Danny Holt.

They thought of the idea when helping out at their dad Brendan Holt's care home back in the 1980s.

There's even a garage with vintage cars out front (

Damien said: "This is a family run business with myself, my brother and our father who originally had a care home in Leeds in the 1980s and that's where the idea stemmed from.

"We were passionate about creating something different and something that would make us stand out.

Family members take residents on little excursions (

"We wanted to create something that would reduce anxiety and calm the residents with dementia as it's difficult enough for them without being thrown into a completely different environment.

"It helps to ease them in and makes them feel at home. They all love it".

The two brothers are proud owners of not one but two care homes, and they're already planning on building a similar 1950s street in their second residence, too.

The first project cost the Holt family a whopping £10 million, and took three years to complete.

What an incredible idea. We're sure this makes the residents and their families so happy!

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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