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Love Island's Camilla Thurlow: Becoming A Mum Is So Overwhelming

Love Island's Camilla Thurlow: Becoming A Mum Is So Overwhelming

Camilla wants to stop parents from feeling judged and harangued during one of the most special times of their life.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Let's face it, after six seasons and half a decade's worth of Love Island, Camilla Thurlow is the series' real winner.

She may not have taken home the £50,000 cash prize in 2017 (that went to Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies, who split shortly after the show ended) but second place Camilla, 31, left the villa with something everyone wants - a Calvin Klein model, coming in the shape of Jamie Jewitt.

While people were sceptical over whether the twosome would last, they've proved doubters wrong by being one of the strongest couples to have ever emerged from Love Island, quickly moving in together, having a baby, and now engaged to be wed.

They're a long way from the villa now (

"I mean, I never really thought that far ahead when I was on Love Island," she tells Tyla. "It didn't even cross my mind when I was on the show.

"But obviously, I appreciate how incredibly lucky I've been now."

'Lucky' is something Camilla says a lot when we sit down to chat with her - particularly when she refers to her daughter Nell, who was born in October last year.

Despite being pregnant throughout the highly stressful coronavirus pandemic, which made hospital appointments, shopping and seeing family incredibly difficult, Camilla described the pregnancy as an amazing experience she got to share intimately with Jamie, 31.

"We've always loved just being in together anyway," she says. "It was nice for us just to focus on the pregnancy together.

Camilla and Jamie are doing the baby challenge for real with baby Nell (
Instagram - camillathurlow)

"But it should also be a really magical experience for everyone."

Indeed, pregnancy is a special time, as is welcoming your little one to the world. But while having children is exciting, raising a human being can also be quite daunting - particularly as parents often seem shamed for their decisions.

Research by C&G babyclub for their #LoveDon'tJudge campaign show 68 per cent of parents feel like failures in the early stages of parenthood and make a worrying 71 per cent doubt their own ability to raise their children.

Bring social media into the mix, and things are amplified - now, even the most mundane post about your child can leave you open to criticism.

It's something Camilla suffered from herself, after she spoke out with struggling with Nell's sleeping patterns on Instagram - seeing some of her 1.3 million followers pillory her for her choices.

Camilla has struggled with Nell's sleeping patterns (
Instagram - camilla thurlow)

"Becoming a mother is so overwhelming," Camilla explains. "We're all trying to be the best we can be for our babies. What works for one family might not work for someone else.

"It's so important that we're able to speak to other parents without casting judgement, because these judgements can have a real effect. We want people to have a place where they can definitely share their experiences, but they can get advice that can help and empower parents."

But for the most part, Camilla has "loved motherhood".

"That doesn't mean there's aspects of it that I haven't learned to do," she says. "I've really had to grow as a person and really work hard.

Camilla has loved motherhood (
Instagram - camillathurlow)

"But in terms of our lives, I think Jamie and I together just felt that it all it all came together perfectly and we are so, so happy."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram - camilla thurlow

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