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Woman shares genius 5p cleaning trick that banishes greasy oven stains in 10 minutes

Woman shares genius 5p cleaning trick that banishes greasy oven stains in 10 minutes

This is definitely one for the books

Now, there's your standard cleaning jobs around the house like hoovering, doing the dishes and sorting the sheets that take a bit of time but aren't the end of the world.

And then there are those massive jobs that seem to take hours upon hours to complete, with cleaning stubborn greasy oven stains being top of the list.

However, one woman has since come to rescue after sharing her absolutely genius 5p cleaning trick that banishes those pesky stains away in just 10 minutes flat.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips group on Facebook, one woman reached out for some much-needed advice on how to clean her absolutely filthy oven door.

She also shared a picture of her oven glass totally covered in brown marks and asked: "Keen on getting this clean. What products should I use?"

One woman has shared her genius 5p oven cleaning hack.
Andrey Zhuravlev / Getty Images

Now, a whole bunch of people offered their suggestions but there was one pearl of wisdom that really shone out of the bunch

Assuring the woman she could use something cheap that was probably already in her cupboards, one Facebook user advised: "Use a dishwasher tablet on the glass with hot water.

"I did this and it came up like new. Wear rubber gloves though."

She then shared proof of the handy hack in question, posting a snap of her gleaming oven door, adding: "My door looked like yours, it took like 10 minutes to get it like this."

All you need is a dishwasher tablet to do the trick.
Naked King / Getty Images

Explaining a little more about how to do the trick, the woman shared a step-by-step guide which began: "I dip it [the dishwasher tablet] to make it wet, then I rub around but it kind of dissolves so I add more water to make it like a paste.

"I use like the little rectangle powder ones, not a liquid one (hope that makes sense). I own a cleaning company and find it the best way."

And the golden advice didn't stop there as, when asked about cleaning the rest of her oven, she revealed: "I use Mr Muscle all over the inside and leave for an hour or so and then I use a Scrub Daddy and boiling hot water.

"Oven Pride is good for the oven racks, to soak in the bag but that's all I use it."

She continued: "If your racks are bad I would soak them overnight in the bag with a towel under it on the draining board next to the sink, or even soak them for a few hours if you can't do overnight."

With summer holiday plans to budget for amidst the general chaos of the cost-of-living crisis, you'll be happy to know the hack will set you back just a handful of pennies a pop with 30 dishwasher tablets currently on sale for £1.49 at Sainsbury's - working out at just 5p per tablet.

Featured Image Credit: irkus/Kinga Krzeminska/Getty Images

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