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Man claims toilet cleaning trick 'saved his relationship'

Man claims toilet cleaning trick 'saved his relationship'

A TikTok user has claimed he never uses his girlfriend's toilet without using this product

Everyone loves a cleaning hack, there's no question about that.

But what if we revealed there's a week to prevent faecal smells, toilet bowl skids, and unexpected splash back?

Well, one TikTok user has discovered a neat trick which he claims 'saved his relationship' with his girlfriend.

A man claimed Pre Poo Powder 'saved his relationship'.

@thejunglebadger, an entrepreneur whose account is dedicated to uncovering the best online finds, posted a clip of the impressive bathroom hack, founded by the brand Smellology.

"I never go to the bathroom at my girlfriend's without this..." he wrote on the viral TikTok, which shows him holding a bag of Pre Poo Powder.

The social media star is then shown to be using a small wooden shovel to throw some of the substance into the toilet, before the bowl is seen to be foaming away.

"It stops splash, skids and smells," he wrote. "It will save your relationship."

On the packaging of Smellology's bestselling product is written the description: "Neutral bathroom deodoriser that effectively neutralises disagreeable smells, splashes and sounds with discreet floral fragrance.

"Before commencing activity in the bathroom, sprinkle a generous helping of this carefully crafted powder into the toilet bowl. The subsequent reaction will mask all activity and aid discretion."

Despite the useful toilet hack going viral on the much-loved social media video platform, many viewers were quick to poke fun at the invention.

The powder claims to eradicate smells, splash and skid marks.

"Babe I need the loo, where's my giant brown bag of which powder and my little shovel," one user commented.

Another said: "But it does not stop loud farts so it's a waste of money."

"I drop huge ones," one person joked. "I usually just don't flush and leave it there, like a trophy for the missus to admire."

When it comes to other bathroom hacks, one woman has provided a slightly outside-the-box way to save money when it comes to purchasing products.

Thrifty mum Frith - who goes by the handle @frithonlife online - revealed she saved up to a decent £70 a year simply by swapping out loo roll for rags that 'last years'.

One woman has swapped her toilet roll for rags.

Opening up on why she made the switch from your standard bog roll to reusable 'family cloths' in a TikTok, she captioned the short clip: "In the last year since making the switch we have saved £77 and that’s with my husband and guests still using paper."

Frith continued: "We’ve had a toilet roll subscription for the last three years so I can easily see how much less we’re using and how much we're saving.

"This will only increase once the smallest toilet trains."

She told her TikTok followers: "All you need is a set of wipes and a zip wetbag (which you can get for around £10-15), and they’ll last for years. There is no extra washing as we wash them with our reusable nappies.

"However if you don’t use reusable nappies, they only need a quick rinse cycle and then they can go in your normal laundry wash."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thejunglebadger

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