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Woman shares 'life-changing' hack that gets grubby socks white again

Woman shares 'life-changing' hack that gets grubby socks white again

We need this.

No matter how many times we chuck our dirty socks in the washing machine, they never seem to look quite so white after a few wears.

Despite all our best intentions, just a day of walking around the house can take a pair of once bright white socks to grubby and discoloured.

Now, one woman on TikTok has come up with a genius trick to stop our socks looking so grey.

Take a look for yourself...

Jenna, who goes by @jjennapembroke on TikTok, has revealed she uses a cocktail of different cleaning products to make her socks super white.

"How to clean your filthy white Nike socks," she wrote.

In the video, Jenna gathers her grubby socks in the sink and begins by adding boiling water, followed by some Ace Ultra for Whites.

Jenna revealed how she washes her grubby socks.

She then adds a sachet of Dr Beckmann's whitening powder, before leaving the socks to soak in the mixture overnight.

The next day, Jenna applies the finishing touches and pops the socks in the washing machine on a quick, hot wash.

"And ta daa," she wrote, showing off her white socks which to be fair, look as good as new.

"This hack changed my life," she added in the caption.

People have been loving the idea, with one person commenting: "Thanks for this. Definitely trying."

And another said: "I do this and it never fails me!"

While some were impressed with the idea, others said it was a lot of effort just for socks.

However, Jenna later explained that she washes all of her white clothing in the same way.

Jenna left the mixture overnight.

Other TikTokers were more concerned over where Jenna had chosen to wash her dirty socks.

One wrote: "Maybe use a bucket."

And another added: "Using the kitchen sink and the wooden spoon is wild!!"

Others suggested their own cleaning techniques, with some suggesting using dishwasher tablets or baking soda.

The end result was impressive.

If you're looking for more ways to make household chores less painful, a genius trick to cleaning your oven door (arguably the worst job) has been doing the rounds online.

All you’ll need is an oven-proof bowl filled with hot water, which you simply place in the oven once you’ve finished cooking your meal.

Turn the temperature onto its max setting and allow the steam from the water to loosen any grimy bits inside the oven.

Leave it there for at least 20 minutes before simply wiping the surface down.

Thank us later.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jjennapembroke

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