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Woman shares how to change duvet cover in just 90 seconds

Woman shares how to change duvet cover in just 90 seconds

A TikToker has shared her hack on how to change a duvet cover in just 90 seconds

While the universal question is usually how often you change your duvet cover, it's now time to ask how exactly to do it.

A lot of us won't like to admit how often we change our bed sheets - don't worry, there's no judgment here guys!

But regardless of how often (or little) you change the sheets, it's time to learn how to do it properly and in just a little over a minute. Watch and learn:

TikToker Anna Vihareva is known for her nifty little tricks that make life around the house that bit easier, and her rolling technique for changing the bedding is another of those.

In her now-viral video, Anna starts by turning out the duvet cover and placing it evenly on the bed.

She then places the duvet on top before 'rolling it up to the side of the cut of the duvet cover'.

To finish, Anna then turns out both the edges and rolls it back out across the bed, making it look incredibly easy.

While Anna's hack clearly works well for her, many took to the comments to express their confusion over how the hell it works.

According to Anna Vihareva, this is an incredibly quick way to change your duvet.

"Idk why but i cannot wrap my head around this," one commented, while another said: "This is still too much work. After laying it out, tie all the corners of the duvet to the comforter then turn it all right side out."

And another added: "What kind of black. Magic is this my head does not compute."

But many also related to the hack and admitted that's the way they change their duvets anyway: "I've been doing this for more than 4 years."

And one even said: "This hack changed my life."

Well, it turns out that changing your duvet quickly isn't the only viral hack as one mum shared an incredible tip on how to quickly get a fitted sheet onto a mattress.

Writing on the Facebook group Mums Who Clean, the woman asked others not to judge, but explained she had never heard of this trick.

Changing bed sheets is never a fun job, but at least there are hacks to make it quicker.

“I’m 52 and I’ve just found out something today that is, for me anyway, a game changer!!” she wrote.

"No laughing - no judgement... tell the truth. How many of you knew that when putting on bedding (fitted sheets/top sheets) the label always goes top left or bottom right?

“The times I’ve started stretching the sheet across my king size bed to have to take it off and turn it to the next corner!!!????!!!”

Not going to lie, we didn't know this either...

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@anvihan

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