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Woman shares simple hack for cleaning stained Tupperware

Woman shares simple hack for cleaning stained Tupperware

And you don't even have to get your hands wet!

After demolishing a splendid packed lunch or a delicious takeaway, there's nothing worse than having to deal with the greasy Tupperware container afterwards.

It's a situation we all have to face, but you're going to absolutely the next time it happens thanks to this simple cleaning hack that'll have your containers shining without even getting your hands wet.

Check it out:

When you've finished a lovely meal, all you want to do is relax and chill, but that greasy, plastic container is just sitting there on the counter staring at you while it waits to be cleaned.

The idea of water, soap, and grease running up your arm and getting under your fingernails is less than ideal, too.

But fear not, because that's where TikToker Ekin Görür comes in!

Keeping her hands bone dry, she managed to clean out a filthy Tupperware in just under a minute.

Firstly, she gives the Tupperware a quick rinse under the tap, then fills it with water and a drop of washing up liquid.

She then tears off a sheet of kitchen roll and places it at the bottom of the container, soaking it in the soapy water.

Next, she put the lid back on the Tupperware, picks up the box, and gives it a good, solid shake.

Then she opens the container and pours everything out, and after one final rinse, the Tupperware is squeaky clean.

This genius trick will have your food containers clean in an instant.

Some viewers were blown away with Ekin's simple hack, with a handful of them trying it out themselves.

"I did this and it works! Not on old stains, only recently used boxes. Absolutely love it," wrote one fan.

"This is the only hack that I use and it works great. Especially for oil stains," raved a second.

"Yes I always do this. Learned from TikTok. Very easy to clean," commented a third.

However, others were less impressed.

"Failing to see how this is a [beneficial] hack ngl," one viewer criticised.

"It's not a hack when the regular way to do it works better," argued another.

"All this because you don't want your hand to touch water?" questioned a third.

Lots of people were impressed with the hack.

These days, TikTok is the number one spot to pick up tips and tricks to make cleaning ten times easier.

Just recently, we found one woman's simple hack to get the inside of your microwave looking spick and span in just five minutes.

In a post to her channel, @mumscleaninglockdownlife explained that all you need is a bowl of water and washing up liquid, and you're good to go.

Rather than scrubbing your device to within an inch of its life, pop the bowl inside and turn it on for four minutes.

It's really that simple!

Where would we be without TikTok!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@goruekin

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