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Fury As Stockpilers Throw Away Mountains Of Food

Fury As Stockpilers Throw Away Mountains Of Food

When the government introduced social distancing measures last month as a response to Covid-19, some took it as an end of the world warning and began stockpiling in their droves.

Panic buying swept the nation, with people buying far more than they needed despite supermarkets urging customers that they had enough to go around.

Now, photos emerging on social media show that surplus food bought by stockpilers is being thrown in the bin because - surprise, surprise - they simply didn't need it.



Twitter user James Howarth shared some photos taken by rubbish collectors doing the rounds, which showed bins overflowing with fresh produce.

Photos show bags of potatoes thrown in the bin, as well as fresh fruit, bread and meat that's passed its sell-by date because people simply did not get round to eating it. Well, duh.


Last week Lib Dem councillor Ajit Singh Atwal posted similar scenes from his home town of Derby, where he berated panic buyers.

"If you have gone out & panic bought like a lot of you have & stacked up your houses with unnecessary items you don't normally buy or you have bought in more food than you need, then you need to take a good look @ yourself," he tweeted.

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Thankfully, supermarkets are reporting stock levels returning to normal as stockpiling has died down.

In an email to its customers on Tuesday, Tesco said: "The good news is that, thankfully, most of the panic buying seems to have eased, and a new, more normal, pattern is emerging.


"In fresh food, our stock levels have returned to almost normal levels, with plenty of fruit and vegetables available."

Shelves were swept clean by panic buyers (Credit: PA)
Shelves were swept clean by panic buyers (Credit: PA)

It's great that people are finally realising stockpiling is a literally pointless exercise. But did it really take all that food waste to realise? We despair...

If you have found yourself with surplus food, why not donate it to a food bank?


The Trussell Trust runs the UK's sole food bank network and aims to end poverty and hunger in the country. You can donate food directly to your nearest food bank.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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