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Thief Steals Wallet But Leaves Behind Vaccination Card

Thief Steals Wallet But Leaves Behind Vaccination Card

A thief broke into a woman's car but left her covid vaccination card on the seat after taking her purse.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

A woman on TikTok filmed the aftermath of a car robbery, revealing that the thief removed her Covid vaccination card and left it in the car for her.

Watch the clip below:

Katie Risher, who posts using the username @katie.reagan, shared the short video on TikTok. The caption reads: "When the guy who breaks into your car is nice enough to take your vaccination card out of your wallet and leave it for you."

People took to the comments section after seeing the video, with some claiming that the gesture was 'cute' and one person even suggested Katie should date the unidentified thief.

"Why is this kinda cute," asked one commenter.

A second TikTok user joked: "Y'all should date."

The thief left Katie's covid vaccination card in her car (

Similarly, another person suggested: "lowkey he was prolly flirting w u."

While another person quipped: "Maybe it's a girl not a guy! Would explain the consideration."

Other accounts in the comments told their own experiences of thieves doing unusual good deed after breaking into their cars.

"The guy who broke in my [car] only broke the back windows so me and my friends could still drive home without sitting on glass," joked one TikToker.

One woman said: "This happened to me but they took out my baby's ultrasound."

Another wrote: "Once I was in the process of moving so everything was in my car [and] it got broken into and they took everything but my dad's rosary."

In other news, fashion stylist and TikToker Christie Moeller has shared a very unique way to make sure your white laundry stays white in the wash.

All you need is a basin filled with warm water and denture cleanser.

You can watch Christie's video below:

Christie drops two denture tablets into the water and lets them dissolve. Then she submerges her white clothing into the solution in the basin and lets it soak for half an hour.

After the clothes are soaked, Christie takes them to the washing machine and washes the clothes as normal.

Once the cycle is done Christie promises that the clothes will be "whiter and brighter" than before.

Featured Image Credit: katie.reagan/tiktok

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