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Woman leaves people stunned after showing off incredibly long torso

Woman leaves people stunned after showing off incredibly long torso

She often has to explain how tall she is

Whether it's the width of our handspan, the length of our hair or even our cup size - it's clear we all come in different shapes in sizes.

However, with that said, some people do have noticeably different proportions than others, with one woman leaving people absolutely stunned after showing off her incredibly long torso.

Now, we all know a 'long' person who is actually just tall, but this isn't about height.

Really, it's just about the torso - the 'trunk of the human body', as Oxford Dictionary puts it. See for yourself with TikTok user Emmie:

The TikToker and gym-goer has thousands of followers on the platform where she regularly posts dancing videos, clips with her friends and outfit reveals.

In spite of her varied content, one of the most talked-about things in Emmie's comments section relates to her torso, which one person honed in on as they commented simply, 'long'.

The TikToker shows off her body in videos revealing her stomach and toned physique gained from working out at the gym, but no matter how many times she shows herself in the clips, viewers just can't seem to get their heads around her figure.

People regularly comment on the length of Emmie's torso.

"How are you so long?" one person questioned, while another commented: "It’s impossible not to watch this at least 10 times in a row and wonder wtf is happening."

The sight of Emmie's long torso has caused many people to think that she's generally a long, and therefore tall, person, but that's actually not the case.Emmie has previously revealed that she's actually only 5'3" - a fact that many viewers struggle to believe.




In a question-and-answer video, she explained: "I promise you on my life I'm a 5'3" girl; I'm a short stack, I have a long torso we all know this, everyone's commenting that... But I have a long torso, and I embrace it and I f**king love it.

"But I have short legs and I'm a short stack."

Emmie stood next to a door to try and offer a bit of scale and prove she isn't as tall as everyone suspects, but that doesn't stop people from asking.

Following her revelation, one TikToker responded: "My brain can not process you being 5’3, period. But you’re stunning seriously."

"No way u gotta be like 6’4," another commented.

Believe it or not, but facts are facts. Emmie is, quite simply, just long.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@emmielovescows

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