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Body positive model hits back at trolls and claims being plus-size is her best asset

Body positive model hits back at trolls and claims being plus-size is her best asset

She used to be bullied for being ‘fat’, but is now happier than ever in her own skin

A body positive model has hit back at trolls, claiming being plus-size is her best asset – despite what the haters say.

Jewlieah Sena, 29, is a content creator and OnlyFans star who loves showing off her curves online, saying she has no plans to stop spreading body positivity.

Sena hasn’t always been confident with her looks, having grown up in a religious family with a pastor father, meaning she always covered up her body.

She was also bullied for being ‘fat’ and was cruelly compared to animals like a pig or hippo, which left her questioning her self worth.

Now, however, Sena proudly wears whatever she wants, and doesn’t care if people stare.

Jewlieah Sena, 29.

She said: "In school, I had no attention and no attraction. I grew up in the 90s, when there was a certain image and standard of beauty and me being plus-sized, curvy, and a mixed woman of colour, I was never told I was beautiful for having these features.

"I had no self-worth and a lot of insecurities. Now, I'm working on myself. I'm in a community of other women and I have confidence - it doesn’t matter if no one was attracted to me before as I'm attractive now.”

Sena is now ‘happier’ than ever, and feels more authentic to her true self.

She continued: "When I was younger, I was scared to try trendy clothes or wear certain things because of my body shape, but now I will wear crop tops, booty shorts, and tight dresses. I don’t mind showing rolls and cellulite.

Sena now wears whatever she wants.

"I constantly get comments on what I wear. Sometimes I have to talk myself up to be able to walk into places though and be confident in what I am wearing, as I know and can tell people don't like what I wear.

"I do get self-conscious sometimes as I know not everyone sees bigger bodies as beautiful, but I have had so many people support me and tell me that I'm beautiful.

"I'm definitely a lot happier than I used to be - I'm a lot more authentic now.

"I didn’t grow up seeing plus-sized people deemed as beautiful, so I forced myself to be that example.

"When I was younger, I would get called fat in such a negative way, but I've now reclaimed it and I now call myself a fat b***h a lot.

Sena is now ‘happier’ than ever.

"I would get called fat, fatty, and be compared to a pig or a hippo as well as other large objects. It would just be the typical name-calling at school and even in my family too.

"Being told these things by people close to you - and knowing they viewed you as so undesirable - does a lot to a child, and I grew up with those same beliefs, and so it took many years to come out of it.”

Sena said it took a lot of self-reflection and work on her mental health to get to where she is now, and is thrilled to be an active member of the plus-size community spreading positivity.

She went on: "You don’t see bigger bodies in the sex work industry. I feel like I'm sexy and hot enough and doing OnlyFans has made me feel a lot more in tune with my sexual side so it's a win-win for me.

"There is a niche for plus-sized people in this industry. I am 300 pounds and Philippine, and this has helped me with my career.


"Younger me would be in total shock with the things that I do now. Some good and some maybe not so.

"I grew up very different. I was a pastor's daughter who was very religious, so it took a lot to break from my religion and find myself.

"I do have some family in support of what I do, but do have some who don’t understand why I do what I do. But I enjoy it and I enjoy the representation of what I am - I'm very thankful."

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