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Plus-size model says she won't let trolls' opinions stop her from wearing what she wants

Plus-size model says she won't let trolls' opinions stop her from wearing what she wants

A plus-size model won't let other people's opinions stop her from wearing what she wants.

A plus-sized model is refusing to let other people’s opinions affect her fashion choices.

Jessica Glass, 24, from Houston Texas loves her body and won’t let cruel comments from trolls tear her down.

The content creator and OnlyFans model says she knows that her style isn’t what’s considered ‘normal’ for plus-sized women, with shorts and crop tops being two of her top garment choices, she doesn’t care.

Jessica isn't going to stop wearing what she wants to wear.

"My style is not what normal plus-size people wear, as they tend to try to hide their bodies, whereas I don’t try to hide my body,” Jessica explains. “I feel more comfortable when I wear what I want.”

"I live in Texas, and it's hot, so usually I will wear less clothing. I don’t feel comfortable in a lot of clothing. I just wear what I want and I don’t let anyone tell me what to wear.”

Jessica wants to create a ‘community’ of women who don’t fit normal beauty standards, and says despite the negative comments, she also gets a few supportive ones as well.

"I want to create a sense of community for women like myself who don't fit into normal beauty standards. I want to be that person people look at in the media and can relate to.

The influencer said she also gets some positive comments.

"With every positive comment, there's a negative to balance it out, but it keeps me humble and I feel like everyone gets hate on the internet.

"People like to hide behind their screens and be anonymous. They comment on my body, which is the first thing people see when they look at me. Everyone has their own opinion, but I don't let them bother me.

Over on TikTok, Jessica receives a lot of negative comments because of to her outfit choices - with people telling her to cover up and that her outfits don't do her body any justice.

She says: "There's always room for everyone to grow and be something on the internet. You just need to find the people who will engage with you and want to see your content.

Jessica wants to create a 'community' of women who don't fit regular beauty standards.

"There are days when I have to stop looking at comments because it does get to me at points. I have had to turn my video comments off before as my content sometimes gets to the wrong side of TikTok and to those who don't want to support me.

"You need to love yourself unconditionally and be your best friend. No one will be there for you the way you're there for yourself. You have to have a 'don’t care' attitude and know your worth.

"Being plus-size and being raised by a plus-sized woman is different to being raised by a skinny woman. My mum went through the same things as I have and she's my biggest supporter."

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