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This Colouring In Wallpaper Is Going To Bring You Hours Of Fun

This Colouring In Wallpaper Is Going To Bring You Hours Of Fun

Now you can get seriously arty with your interiors.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

When colouring books were launched for adults, said to help soothe the mind, we were all for it - who doesn't love a bit of colouring? But now you can go one step further and colour in wallpaper too and we are here for it.

The 'Colour Me' wallpaper by Graham & Brown is available from Amazon and will set you back around £25, depending on the design you choose.

The Colour Me Wallpaper is a fun way to keep you or your kids busy.

You can then spend hours colouring in your wall, bringing the exact colour to the room you'd always hoped for - it gives you full control.

Plus, some studies, including one published by Creativity Research Journal, suggest colouring actually reduces the symptoms of anxiety and stress.

If so, why restrict the activity to a single page of a colouring book when you can colour in an entire wall, or four, in your home?

Studies suggest colouring can relieve anxiety.

Jade Louie, from Manchester, is a fan for one, uploading a picture of a wall in her home to the Facebook page Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It.

She had originally coloured her wallpaper in with felt tip pens but it had faded, so she was giving it a second go. It looks epic so far doesn't it?

Jade said: " A friend of mine suffers with mental health and she came round and we spent ages colouring it together.

"She said it really helped her relax and find a peaceful place in her mind. I find it calming, and peaceful! And looks bloody pretty."

Unfortunately her black and white paper is not available to buy.

Jade has been colouring in her wallpaper and finds it relaxing.
Facebook/Jade Louie

Instead, you can snap up a roll depicting a monster scene for £25.83, designed by illustrator Lizzie Mary Cullen for Graham & Brown.

However, the brand suggests in its listing that the wallpaper is meant for kids.

It says: "Colour Me is a fantastic, fun, interactive wallpaper that's great for kids. How many times have you told your child not to draw on the walls?

"Well now they can let their imaginations run riot and have hours of fun colouring in this wonderfully detailed black and white wallpaper."

So if you're not really the colouring type yourself, you could invest in a roll to keep your kids busy, although there is no guarantee they'll stay inside the lines, nor can we guarantee they'll stop at just the one room.

Whether this is set to be the new trend for homes is unconfirmed, but we think it's a fun idea.

You're going to need serious amounts of felt tip pens to make it happen though, so just make sure you're prepared, there's nothing more annoying than your felt tip running out on you.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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