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Woman shares clever hack to make clothes dry in just two hours

Woman shares clever hack to make clothes dry in just two hours

With winter approaching, people are looking for a way to get everything dry without breaking the bank.

As the dark nights draw in, it’s hard not to feel gloomy at this time of year.

Not only is it getting colder but the cost-of-living crisis is making everything more expensive for homes up and down the country.

However, one TikToker (or lifesaver, rather) has shared her genius laundry hack which reduces drying times and helps you save some much-needed cash. Take a look below:

In fact, Aussie content creator @refinedliving claims it'll have you cutting down your tumble dryer use by 30%!

Sharing the simple hack on TikTok, she showed how easy it was to reduce drying times – even on the dampest of days.

"Wet clothes and need them to dry faster?" she asked, in the short clip.

"Simply add a dry towel for the first 15 minutes!"

She then filmed herself throwing her laundry into her tumble dryer before adding in a towel on top and setting the machine timer to 15 minutes.

The genius laundry hack will save you time and money.

When time was up, she opened up the dryer door, pulled out the towel and explained: "This speeds it up over 30%."

So, why does this work?

A towel is built to absorb moisture, so chucking a dry towel in with your freshly washed clothes will soak up any dampness. That'll lead to a quicker overall drying time, instantly saving money on your energy bills, and getting your favourite trousers dry in record time. Genius!

TikTok users have been sharing their laundry hacks ahead of winter.

Thrilled viewers raced to the comments to thank the TikToker for sharing her top tip, and not a moment too soon!

"Wow that's smart where did you find this? I never would have thought about that," commented one TikToker.

"This is facts, I discovered this on accident", another confirmed.

And a third added: "It works!!! I use this life hack on heavy items like terry robes and quilts."

However, this isn’t the only life-saving laundry hack that has been doing the rounds on the social media app.

TikToker @donxdonnn has also been advising people to use a large bed sheet draped over a radiator and a clothes horse to trap the hot air – in a bid to banish the extra moisture.

Other people have also suggested that people invest in a dehumidifier and longer spin cycles to dry out their laundry over the coming months.

Hopefully, these tips should save you from feeling all a wash as winter sets in, and you can always find more on our life hacks page.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@refineliving

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