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Hilarious little girl gives too much information when postman asks where mum is

Hilarious little girl gives too much information when postman asks where mum is

Lauren said she's proud of her kids' honesty, but it turns out that her daughter is a little too honest...

It's no secret that kids have no filter, as this mum discovered when her daughter gave the postman too much information about where she was.

Lauren Chloe Edney, 24, saw the hilarious incident unfold thanks to her door cam, which captured the moment her three-year-old daughter Emily answered the postman.

She was at the bathroom at her home in Surrey when the doorbell rang and her two children, James, four, and Emily, three, decided to answer on her behalf.

The postman, who was delivering a parcel, asked: "Is Mummy about?"

Emily, three, then confidently replied: "No, she's upstairs doing a poo."

"Ohh!" replied the postman, before adding: "Tell her there's a parcel in the cupboard."

Thankfully, Lauren was able to see the funny side of the exchange.

She said: "I have two children, the first one heard on the video is my son James who is four years old and the one with the punchline at the end of the video was my daughter Emily who is three years old."

Hilariously, the mum confirmed that what her daughter revealed was true, adding: "It was a true statement, I was upstairs using the toilet."

After the footage went viral, some viewers expressed concern that the door was unlocked, but Lauren assured them that it wasn't.

This postman got a lot more when he bargained for on his round.

The mum explained that the now-viral incident inspired other postmen to share their funny interactions with children, but she said hers was still described as a 'classic'.

She said: "I had quite a few comments from other posties, too, saying they've definitely seen and heard worse but this one was a classic."

However, Lauren admits that she's had to have a word with her young children about what is and isn't appropriate to discuss with strangers.

She said: "Although I pride myself in the honesty of my children and have clearly done a great job teaching them not to lie, I have now taught them that bathroom 'functions' stay in the bathroom."

Lauren watched the whole interaction as it was happening.

As if this wasn't all funny enough, Lauren admitted that she'd actually watched the interaction live from her bathroom - presumably with an app on her phone.

We imagine she was reaching for a towel to pat down her red face.

But despite the awkwardness of the revelation, Lauren said it was a 'proud moment' regardless.

One thing is for sure, this would be a brilliant video to showcase at her daughter's milestone events down the line.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/edderz123

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