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Woman's Friends And Family Flee After Gender Reveals Goes Horribly Wrong

Woman's Friends And Family Flee After Gender Reveals Goes Horribly Wrong

Mandy Morgan-Smith wanted to mark her 17 weeks of pregnancy with an unforgettable gender reveal

A mother-to-be's gender reveal party descended into chaos when her pink 'smoke bombs' engulfed her garden - forcing her entire family to flee indoors.

Watch the video below:

Mandy Morgan-Smith, 22, wanted to mark her 17 weeks of pregnancy with an unforgettable gender reveal but didn't expect it to last “just five seconds”.

In a video shot by her mum Tammy Smith, Mandy and her three-year-old daughter Willow-Rae, are seen setting off two gender-reveal smoke bombs, revealing she’s having a girl.

But delight quickly turned to panic as the pink smoke engulfed the back garden, dramatically reducing visibility and forcing her family to rush inside to escape the choking fumes.

Mandy Morgan-Smith's gender reveal party descended into chaos after a smoke bomb engulfed her back garden (
Kennedy News And Media)

Mandy, who lives with her mum, admitted she didn't realise the £9 canisters would unleash such a large amount of smoke.

The Cardiff native said: "Everything went to plan at first. I was over the moon with it being a girl, but then straight away I was thinking 'oh my god I can't breathe'.

"It just wouldn't stop, it got worse and worse. We thought it would have died down, it filled up our garden, the neighbour's garden, then right to the third floor of our house.

"My mum was thinking about the kids and making sure they were alright, I just took my daughter and ran in.

At first the reveal went well and her family could be heard clapping (
Kennedy News And Media)

"It only lasted about five seconds then we had to get out of the way quickly. It's a weird, strong smell, it's not nice at all, I can't quite explain it.”

Fortunately, the family, including Tammy's five children, partner and one grandchild, continued their celebrations after the smoke cleared.

Reflecting on the incident, the mum-of-one insisted she “wouldn't change it for the world” and “it’s a great memory” to have.

"You've just got to make a joke about it,” she shared. “It's hilarious, the video is great. Because there's a lot of smoke, it's probably not good to inhale that much.

"Luckily nobody was really struggling. We just got inside.

Soon the smoke bombs dramatically reduced visibility (
Kennedy News And Media)

"The smoke bombs threw out a lot more smoke than I thought, it just really shocked us all.

"It was definitely more eventful than having a coloured balloon. It's such a great memory and it's great to make everyone laugh. I can't wait to show my future daughter that she was causing a riot before she was born."

After finding it hilarious, Mandy’s mum Tammy posted the video to TikTok. The clip has since gone viral and been liked more than 130,000 times.

One commented: "It was so exciting and cheerful and then it just turned into like a horror movie."

"I'm howling,” another said. 

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News And Media

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