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Gran Storms Out Of Gender Reveal Party After Finding Out Baby’s Sex

Gran Storms Out Of Gender Reveal Party After Finding Out Baby’s Sex

A disappointed grandmother stormed out of a gender reveal party when the results were not what she hoped for.

A grandmother was filmed storming out of a gender reveal party after learning the gender of her first great-grandchild.

Watch the video below:

Daniela Florez said her grandmother, Elena Diaz, was happy when she announced her pregnancy and she promised to name the baby after her if they were a girl.

Unfortunately, the 83-year-old’s hopes were dashed following the gender reveal on 2nd April this year.

She had purchased pink gifts ahead of the event in preparation, and the baby’s due date also happens to be her birthday, which probably gave the gran even more hope.

Daniela, 26, describes her beloved grandmother as a 'character' and an 'amazing woman' and said her reaction was short-lived because she's very much looking forward to the new arrival.

Daniela, from Miami, Florida, US, said: "I think the video's hilarious. My grandmother is very much like that.

Daniela promised to name her first child after her grandmother. (
Kennedy News and Media)

"She's a character and loves to get reactions out of people, so that's just the way she is.

"I'm the first grandchild that's giving her a great-grandchild so it was a very big deal for her.

"I told her if it was a girl I was going to name her after her, so she was very excited and my due date is also on her birthday. It was a lot of mixed emotions for her.

"She actually has a necklace with her name and she was like 'I'm going to give it to her'. She hoped and she 'knew' that it was going to be a girl.

"When she saw that it was a boy that's why to her it was like 'no' you know, it was a total bummer because she really was very excited for the girl.

"She had a one-minute tantrum. Honestly, it was only that moment that we recorded. After that, she went back into the house and she just laughed it off."

The 83-year-old was left feeling disappointed. (
Kennedy News and Media)

The mum-to-be, who works as a health coach, said if she has a daughter in the future she will name her after Elena.

"Because everyone was hugging us I had no idea [of her reaction] and then they showed me the video and I just laughed and was like 'oh my god, of course she would get like that,’” Daniella said.

"We're very sarcastic with each other and I told her 'you ruined my gender reveal video' and she just laughed and was like 'oh, whatever'.

"Since she thought it was a girl she had bought a pink towel set and when she found out it was a boy she told me she was going to give me another gift.

"The next day she came back with a blue towel set and was like 'ok, here for the baby boy'.

"I was like 'you're so cute' and asked her if she was excited and she was like 'of course, it's my first great-grandchild - of course I'm excited'."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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