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​Fluffy Dog Is Mistaken For A Bear Due To Its Huge Ten Stone Frame

​Fluffy Dog Is Mistaken For A Bear Due To Its Huge Ten Stone Frame

On first glance, this huge fur-baby looks like something a lot more threatening...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Picture this: you're just enjoying a nice pint of beer to relax whilst holidaying with your family and suddenly you spot what looks like a big brown bear rolling around in your garden.

You're out in the wild and you're near a forest but a bear in your holiday home garden? That's surely got to come as a surprise?

That's exactly what appeared to happen to Nick Welton whilst on holiday with family in North Carolina last year...except the ginormous 'bear' turned out to be his very own dog, Bella.

On first glance, this adorable but fluffy dog really does look like a brown bear - so it's no wonder Bella has gone viral on the internet with everyone spotting the similarity between her and the huge mammal.

Nick appeared to capture the moment on film by accident after videoing his surroundings, eventually panning over to a beastly looking Bella.

Can you see the resemblance? (

The pooch, a Labrador-Pit Bull cross is pretty big anyway at 140lbs - the equivalent of ten stone - and all that fur left her leaning towards a bear's physique.

Nick said: "A lot of my friends mistake Bella for a bear when they first see her.

"Some older adults are frightened but she wouldn't harm a single flea.

"Little kids will run straight up to her and she'll lick them."

Her owner Nick says Bella wouldn't hurt a flea despite her daunting size (

Some might call her a gentle giant and she looks perfect to keep you warm on chilly winter days, no doubt offering out fabulous bear hugs.

One thing's for sure, we'd certainly prefer a cuddle with Bella than a real life brown bear - they're not exactly known for being cuddly.

And whilst bear attacks are rare - with the chances of being injured by one approximately one in 2.1million - you are three and a half times more likely to be injured on encountering a brown bear over a black bear or polar bear, according to National Geographic.

Brown bears aren't actually found in North Carolina, although black bears are (

Apparently, the best thing to do if you encounter a grizzly brown bear is to back away calmly and slowly.

We don't think we'll need to do that with Bella, mind.

Featured Image Credit: Caters/Wikimedia Commons

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