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Man sparks debate after sharing ‘disgusting’ Too Good To Go bag leaving people shocked

Man sparks debate after sharing ‘disgusting’ Too Good To Go bag leaving people shocked

The Darlington diner claims not even his dog would eat the meal

A man has claimed he felt 'robbed' after paying for a Toby Carvery delivery, only to be met with something he said was the worst meal he'd had in his life.

Steven Thompson placed an order for two 'Thursday Starter Surprise Bags' last month from his local Darlington branch using food delivery service Too Good To Go last month, only to be handed a package described by viewers as 'disgusting'.

Steven shared his questionable on social media.
Facebook/Steven Thompson

For those unfamiliar with this unconventional delivery system, TGTG is a mobile app that connects customers to restaurants that have surplus unsold food, helping to prevent waste.

However, when one disappointed diner Steven shared a snap of his delivery on Facebook, the stomach-churning picture went viral on social media.

"Toby Carvery's new starter meal absolutely disgusting not worth the trip," he captioned the photo, which consisted of four thick, brown logs, squished into a disposable container.

"That's got to have been the worst meal I've had in my life," he told Tyla. "And I bought two. Feel like I've been robbed."

Steven went on to explain that he believes his 'surprise' starter (you can say that again!) was 'supposed to be pate', adding that it left him feeling both out of pocket, and physically nauseas.

"I had to spit it out," he admitted. "My dog wouldn't eat it."

The order was placed to a Toby Carvery.
Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

Naturally, the controversial snap Steven posted online quickly caught the attention of other customers, who noted how poorly presented and packaged the delivery was.

"What was it? Looks like something from my cat's litter tray," one penned on Facebook.

Another added to the picture - which has since received 1.2k likes: "I thought it was a Swiss Roll."

A third jibed: "Why does it look like someone has just s***e in a box?!"

A fourth said: "Looks like dog food, what's it meant to be?"

It turns out, however, that Steven isn't the only Toby Carvery customer to have been left with more than he bargained for after placing an order - and not in a good way...

Another Facebook post by Rach Hla appears to see the same paste-like sausages strewn into a delivery box, beside some slices of white bread and what looks to be a dollop of chutney, with the pate dish having reportedly derived from the chain's festive menu.

Similar photos of the same starter have been posted online.
Facebook/Rach Hla

"Toby starter, NOPE NOPE NOPE!" she captioned the spine-tingling snap.

One comment read: "I think it’s probably pate from Christmas that’s left over. Not out of date though."

Another jokingly advised: "Can we all please stop buying Toby and harvester starters, the mystery is solved, it’s always paté."

Tyla contacted both Toby Carvery and Too Good To Go for comment on the matter. Toby Carvery declined an official comment.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Facebook/Toby Carvery

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