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People disturbed by expert's recommendation on how to drink an espresso martini

People disturbed by expert's recommendation on how to drink an espresso martini

You won't believe the bizarre suggestion

Now, if it were up to me, every single boozer would have espresso martinis on tap and, as a self-confessed fanatic for the caffeinated cocky t's, I'm always open to learning more about my favourite bevs.

But Abby Matthews, a cocktail connoisseur from The Cocktail Co, has offered a totally new recommendation on how to drink an espresso martini and it has left people slightly disturbed.

Whether's it's chicken and waffles, peanut butter and jelly or the controversial pineapple on pizza topping - there's a whole load of unusual pairings out there that may have started off as somewhat unexpected but proven to go down a treat nonetheless.

However, this newest one may be pushing it a little too far.

You'll be baffled by this bizarre suggestion on how to drink an espresso martini.
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Perfect for a post-work drink when you don't know whether to go for a coffee or something stronger; espresso martinis are effectively the best of both worlds.

But, what would you say if I told you if you could get caffeine, alcohol and a hint of Italy all at once?

And no, I'm not talking about Italian-roasted coffee beans.

Oh no - I'm talking about adding parmesan of all ingredients to your beloved beverage.

Aptly dubbed the 'parmesan espresso martini' the new drink is making its rounds on TikTok right now and one expert has weighed in on the trend and confirmed it is actually not so bad of an idea.

Abby explained: "Espresso martinis have always been a crowd-pleaser, offering smooth indulgence balanced with a caffeine kick."

My mouth is already watering.

The expert recommends grating some parmesan over your espresso martini cocktail.
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The expert continued: "The idea of adding parmesan to an espresso martini might sound unusual at first, but it's a flavour combination that you’re likely already familiar with from a lot of popular breakfast meals - take an egg and cheese omelette with a coffee for example."

Abby went on: "While the cocktail is perfectly delicious by itself, the addition of a salty, savoury flavour profile from the parmesan can balance nicely with the cocktail’s sweet and bitter flavours, adding a unique depth that will leave your taste buds pleasantly surprised."

Intrigued? Why not give it a go?

To hop on board the cheesy trend be sure to chill your cocktail mix with ice 'anywhere around six to seven degrees'.

Next, shake up 'to get a smooth blend' and pour into a martini glass.

And finally, grate your parmesan shavings directly on top.

According to the expert, the parmesan should 'float on top and provide a unique taste with every sip'.

Now that's what I call a cheese twist.

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