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Kellogg’s recalls popular breakfast cereal over choking concerns

Kellogg’s recalls popular breakfast cereal over choking concerns

The British cereal manufacturer has been forced to apologise for the recall

British cereal manufacturer Kellogg's has today been forced to issue a recall of one of their most popular products.

European franchise boss Kellanova released a statement today announcing that the global firm would be voluntarily recalling the product this week after a handful of customers discovered 'hard lumps' in several of their product's boxes.

The discovery in a wide range of Chocolate Corn Flakes was immediately branded dangerous, and the product was deemed 'unsafe to eat' by Kellogg's bosses after it was found that several of the cereal's lumps did 'not break down when eaten with milk'.

Though the company added that there was 'minimal risk' from eating the much-loved breakfast sweet treat, they acknowledged that several customers had suffered 'dental damage', and that the product could potentially serve as a 'choking hazard'.

"This voluntary consumer recall relates to Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Chocolate Flavour cereal which is a new product on sale since January 2024 and available in Tesco, One Stop, Londis, Budgens, Booker Premier stores and Booker Cash & Carry outlets," Kellanova stated today (24 May).

Following the announcement, The Food Standards Agency asked Kellogg's customers to return any 450g boxes of cereal they'd purchased recently, where they'd be handed a full refund.

The much-loved product has been recalled. (Kellogg's)
The much-loved product has been recalled. (Kellogg's)

"If you have bought the product do not eat it," the food safety agency encouraged.

A spokesperson from Kellogg's - who are also responsible for producing grocery favourites like Coco Pops, Pringles and Pop Tarts - continued: "Making good food which is safe and high quality is our number one priority at Kellanova.

"Clusters of cereal forming during production can be a normal occurrence and these usually break up when eaten or placed in milk.

"But, when we spotted that hard lumps of cereal were forming in a very small amount of our new Kellogg's Corn Flakes Chocolate Flavour cereal, we took the decision to recall all products."

The chocolate products have been branded a 'choking risk'. (Ivan/Getty)
The chocolate products have been branded a 'choking risk'. (Ivan/Getty)

The only cereal boxes to have been recalled date between December 6, 2024 to April 28, 2025, and no not affect any other of Kellogg's products.

The chocolatey variation was launched at the beginning of 2024 as a means of the modernising the 102-year-old company product line.

"Sometimes foods have to be withdrawn or recalled if there is a risk to consumers because the allergy labelling is missing or incorrect or if there is any other food allergy risk," The Food Standards Agency said.

"When there is a food allergy risk, the FSA will issue an Allergy Alert.’

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