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Bartender slams people who order espresso martinis

Bartender slams people who order espresso martinis

A Georgia-based bartender confessed that the popular beverage is her least favourite to make.

A bartender has slammed people who order espresso martinis in a new viral video.

Georgia-based TikToker Madi McWhorter, 23, documents her day-to-day life serving drinks for her followers on the app.

In one recent video revealed the drinks she absolutely hates making while working the bar, and as it turns out, despite being the top bev of choice those of us who love a tipple, she despises having to make them.

With over 1.7M views and counting, Madi jumped on the ‘light work no reaction’ trend on TikTok where people reveal the activities they find super easy to do before naming the one thing they find hard.

She filmed herself behind the bar and pretended to make drinks for pretend customers, with the first text overlay reading: “Can I get 50 lemon drops?”

The bartender goes ahead and makes the drinks without breaking a sweat. Then, another pretend customer in Madi’s re-enactment asks: “Can I get six margaritas?”

Espresso martinis are a huge no-no for some bartenders. Costi Moculescu/Getty Images
Espresso martinis are a huge no-no for some bartenders. Costi Moculescu/Getty Images

Once again, she whips up the bevs without any hesitation.

But then the dreaded request for a coffee-infused martini comes and Madi takes a step back and rolls her eyes.

It’s clearly not her fav. Madi captioned the video: “Every bartender knows this pain.”

The video has amassed over 168,000 likes, hundreds of comments and thousands of bookmarks - clearly, the drink has a lot of fans, many of whom came out in the comments after seeing Madi bash them.

“The bartender today got so mad at me bc I ordered an espresso martini. It was slow af, I would never order one if they were busy,” a customer confessed.

Another patron teased: “Now I’m gonna come order an espresso martini.”

Lots of fellow bartenders weighed in and said the drinks are a nightmare to make, mostly because lots of bars don’t actually have espresso machines.

Plus, the drinks require a number of ingredients to make them.

Madi revealed why she hates espresso martinis.

“Honestly it doesn’t take that much effort, but you need to brew espresso or coffee for it which takes time,” a bartender explained in the comments.

“Bartenders when they have to use more than 2 ingredients,” someone criticised.

“Bruh imagine what it’s like to work at a busy coffee shop at 6am,” a barista pointed out.

Madi confessed the true reason why she hates making the espresso martinis so much, and it’s not because of the taste, ingredients or anything like that.

In response to a comment asking whether there are coffee machines at the bar she works at, Madi said: “We do it’s just 3 flights of stairs away from the bar.”

Well, that's fair enough!

Featured Image Credit: Costi Moculescu/Getty Images/TikTok

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