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'Extra use' for door springs is leaving people mind blown

'Extra use' for door springs is leaving people mind blown

Why did no one notice this before?

TikTok is slowly but surely blowing our minds with helpful life hack after helpful life hack, and the latest is definitely another must-know.

It involves the humble door spring, which contrary to what most of us think, does a lot more than it says on the tin.

All was recently revealed on TikTok by @the_artful_odds, who shared a video of the hack in action that was overlaid with the caption: "From doorstopper to doorkeeper."

It shows a door spring doing what it is meant to, stopping a door from hitting the wall.

Doorstops have a hidden use.
TikTok / @the_artful_odds

But then a foot appears and it shows that it can also be used to keep a door in place - all you have to do is press down on it with a foot and voilà.

As you can imagine, this went far from unnoticed by TikTok users, who couldn't believe that they didn't think of this seemingly hidden but obvious hidden use before now.

Reacting to the hack, one viewer joked: "I've learned more from TikTok than any school that I've been to."

"What? I've never thought of this," added a second while a third questioned: "How am I learning this today [sic]."

However, a fourth thought this apparently hidden use wasn't so hidden at all, remarking: "Bruh that's why it’s called a door stopper and not a wall protector."

But it turns out that this hack, in practice, is not as easy as this viral TikTok appeared to suggest.

"I mean I have one but it's a hard one and not bendy like that whatsoever," wrote one viewer. "I'll just break the baseboard if I did that."

"You guys can fit your whole foot under your door?" questioned another.

Needless to say, this is far from the only handy home hack to recently go viral on TikTok, and people were left just as impressed by this dishwasher hack.

It involves the section that is typically used to hold cutlery.

Your dishwasher could be more spacious than you might think.
TikTok / @truearthmovement

"I was today years old when I learned my dishwasher could do this," wrote TikTok user @truearthmovement. "More room = less hand washing."

She then showed how this part of the machine is actually collapsable, so if it's not in use, you can make the most use of the space you do have when washing up.

You can get more out of your dishwasher with this hack.
TikTok / @truearthmovement

As you can imagine, this cost-of-living-friendly hack went down a storm with viewers, many of whom replied with mind-blown emoji.

"I was ALSO today years old when I learned my dishwasher can do this," shared an impressed viewer.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/the_artful_odds

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