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Edinburgh Tram Company Forced To Respond To Viral Paedophile Hoax

Edinburgh Tram Company Forced To Respond To Viral Paedophile Hoax


Edinburgh Trams has been forced to respond to a hoax about one of its campaign shots.

A resurfaced tweet reveals the Edinburgh Tram company reacting to a joke made about one of the tram signs in the city.

Taking to Twitter, one social media user shared a photo of a sign, which reads: 'Look out for the tram-pedo'.

"Oh Edinburgh. I wish you'd asked literally anyone about this before launching the campaign," the person wrote.

And another said: "Who ever thought this was a good slogan needs their head checking."

One person was shocked when they saw the campaign image (

"Can't even work out what ill-advised gag they were going for here," said a third.

And a fourth added: "Can’t believe this is for real."

But it seems someone had done an editing job on the sign, with Edinburgh Trams setting the record straight and pointing out that their actual poster has no mention of the term 'pedo'.


In the new - and accurate - snap, the term 'tram-pedo' actually reads 'tram-pede'.

"A picture taken just now in the same location as that viral post," they wrote.

"The funny thing about these hoaxes is how easy you can disprove them - all you need to do is go there and see for yourself."

Turns out it was just a hoax (

People were quick to comment on the fake news, with one person writing: "A lie can go halfway around the world before the truth has got its boots on."

While another said: "Yeah there’s no way that ones going viral."

Well we're glad that's been cleared up!

The tram company set the record straight (

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Jarvis claims not only did they encounter 'dirty, scuffed seats' but there was allegedly water dripping from the roof. Jarvis claims that not only was the cabin 'falling to pieces' but the seats appeared not to have been cleaned, which he found particularly worrying given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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