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Shoppers admit to being 'in tears' over Dunelm's 'heartbreaking' Christmas appeal

Shoppers admit to being 'in tears' over Dunelm's 'heartbreaking' Christmas appeal

This is so heartwarming.

Shoppers have been reduced to tears over a heartwarming Christmas appeal introduced by Dunelm.

With the cost of living crisis likely to affect families this festive season, and a staggering 3.6 million children in poverty in the UK, many Brits are already struggling with the financial pressure that Christmas can bring.

To help quell some of this, retailer Dunelm has introduced its Delivering Joy campaign for the third year running, helping ease a little of the pressure for those facing difficulty.

The campaign works via a series of Christmas trees on display in Dunelm stores. Each features a number of different gift tags, inviting shoppers to purchase a present suitable for the person represented on the tag.

For example, one gift tag is for a boy aged under 10. In the 'interests' section of the tag, the boy asks for a 'hat and a biscuit please', while another requests a teddy, 'in case Santa doesn't come'.

The information on the tags is sent into Dunelm by local care homes, schools and refuges across the country. Once you’ve bought - or made - the gift, all you need to do is pop it in an unsealed gift bag and take it back into the store by Sunday 11th December.

The appeal has left shoppers heartbroken.
Kelly Nichols/Facebook

Shoppers have been left in tears by the appeal, with many taking to social media to discuss the importance of such initiatives.

Rebecca Louise Hayes, who regularly shops at Dunelm, plans to donate and spread the word as much as possible.

"Many people will be worried what disposable income they'll have due to the increasing cost of living," Rebecca tells Tyla.

"Hopefully posts like these can help spread awareness and rather than buying that extra family present, people might use the money to put a smile on someone else's face this Christmas.

"After seeing the appeal I really wanted to spread the word and help as much as I can. I am planning to go to my local Dunelm in the next couple of weeks and get a few tags for me and friends. A couple of my friends and work colleagues have already been and donated, which is fantastic.

"If you can't get into a local store, they have Facebook groups which you can message and they will send a gift tag through."

Dunelm is working on its Delivering Joy campaign for the third year.
Gordon Scammell/Alamy Stock Photo

Speaking about the importance of the appeal, Amanda Cox, Dunelm Stores and People Director told Tyla: “With the cost of living crisis set to make Christmas so challenging for many this year, our third year of Delivering Joy seems even more timely – by helping our customers to give a gift, make a gift or donate their unused decorations, our stores and colleagues are doing all they can to help support their local communities.

"From children whose families won’t be able to afford to buy them a gift this year to elderly people in care homes who may not be seeing their families, we want to deliver as much joy as we can for those who may need some extra support this Christmas."

You can find more information here.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook Gordon Scammell/Alamy Stock Photo

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