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Bride absolutely fuming as husband surprises her with Thorpe Park wedding

Bride absolutely fuming as husband surprises her with Thorpe Park wedding

Would you want to spend your big day on a rollercoaster?

Don't Tell The Bride never fails to deliver a bit of drama, but one engaged woman took things to a new level after she found out her fiancé had planned a wedding at Thorpe Park.

Loads of people love a day out at a theme park, but that's usually because they're able to focus on having fun, riding rollercoasters and eating junk food - not on having to deliver vows.

I think it's safe to say bride Kayleigh is among a majority of people who wouldn't choose to spend one of the most important days of their life at Thorpe Park, but unfortunately it wasn't up to her, it was up to her husband-to-be, Steve.

Kayleigh knew instantly where she was.
Channel 4

Footage from the disastrous day shows Kayleigh quickly catching on to her surroundings even while wearing a blindfold, leading her to angrily ask: "Why am I at Thorpe Park on my wedding day? I can hear rides and people screaming.

"If we're at f*cking Thorpe Park, I'm going to go mental. Why the hell are we at Thorpe Park on my wedding day?"

Considering she was angry simply over arriving at the park, it's no surprise that things only got worse when Kayleigh was asked to board a rollercoaster at the park.

"Why has he done this?," she questioned her bridesmaids as they loaded her into the carriage.

It wasn't long before Kayleigh gave up on the idea altogether and climbed off the rollercoaster, where she was met by her fiancé who asked her whether the 'queue jumps' would be enough to entice her back into the park.

The answer, in case you couldn't guess, was no.

Kayleigh refused to stay on the ride.
Channel 4

Thankfully Steve did have some other plans prepared for the wedding day and after leaving Thorpe Park, he presented her with a more low-key hotel wedding ceremony.

Not one to miss an opportunity for fun, though, Steve then planned a return to Thorpe Park for a reception in a conference centre.

Kayleigh's anger of the notion of spending her wedding day at Thorpe Park has earned the Don't Tell The Bride episode the title of 'the most iconic' from fans, many of who sympathised with Kayleigh over the ordeal.

"Ain’t no way I’d get out the motor," one viewer commented, while another admitted that they'd love the surprise, but that they'd definitely need a change of clothes.

I'm sure you'll be glad to know that Steve and Kayleigh's wedding turned out to be a success - but there's no denying it, it was definitely a rollercoaster of a day.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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