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Decorator praised for quick tip to get rid of damp and mould stains in minutes

Decorator praised for quick tip to get rid of damp and mould stains in minutes

This looks like a great fix if you're short of cash.

Damp and mould are the bane of a lot of people's lives during the winter, even more so with the cost of living crisis.

So it's no wonder that a decorator is being praised for his quick and easy solution to this all-too-common problem.

With more and more of us turning off the heating this winter in the face of rising costs, this tip really is a must-know.

It was shared on TikTok by Kris DeVos, the owner of Fox's Painting and Decorating, who used his good humour and sense to explain why damp and mould don't need to be a massive headache.

"I'm gonna teach you how to treat damp, mould or stains or any kind because I'm a decorator," he said, beginning the now-viral video.

He explained that the key to treating the problem is B-I-N shellac-based primer-sealer by Zinsser.

While prices for the product will naturally vary from place-to-place, it will set you back £22.99 for a litre on Screwfix.

He explained that the shellac is what makes it so brilliant.

Kris said: "We're going to use this stuff again. It's shellac-based, which means it doesn't mix with oil or water, which means you don't have to figure out what the stains are made of, whether it be fat, oil or whatever.

"You're going to need a cheap brush, because you're going to bin it, and a concave foam roller."

The decorator explained that you need to be super careful when applying the product because it is so sticky.

He also advises clearing off any excess mould or damp using sugar soap and letting it dry. Once you have, you just need to give it a few coats and voilà.

The decorator recommends washing excess mould off with sugar soap.
TikTok / @foxy.the.decorator

As you can imagine, the tip went far from unnoticed on TikTok, and at the time of writing, it has been viewed almost a million times in just four days.

Reacting to the advice, one user wrote: "That stuff is the nuts. I'm a decorator of 20 years plus. Keep up the good job mate from one decorator to another."

"One of the best videos I've seen in a while. Good work," added a second, while a third wrote: "Brilliant stuff this saves a lot of sanding if you're changing colours."

"Thank you for showing this!" chimed a fourth. "I have two children and black mould in our bathroom and next to no money so I'm definitely going to try this for now!"

What do you think of the tip?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@foxy.the.decorator

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