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Dad praised for leaving angry note in daughter's lunchbox for teachers to see

Dad praised for leaving angry note in daughter's lunchbox for teachers to see

A dad got so annoyed at his daughter's school that he left a note in her lunchbox for her teachers

A dad who got so fed up at his daughter's school for their approach to packed lunches decided to leave her teachers a note in her lunchbox.

TikToker @teddyevascents said he was able to make his own labels, and was getting ticked off because 'the kids at school have been getting s**t off one of the dinner ladies'.

He explained that some of the kids had been told off for 'eating non-healthy food' as part of their packed lunches, which he found 'f**king irritating'.

On top of that it had put his daughter off from taking in a packed lunch with her, and decided to have a spot of note-based revenge upon the school staff.

The dad came up with a couple of labels which his daughter could end up showing to her teacher or another member of staff showing she had full parental approval for her food.

The dad urged his daughter's school to 'stop telling kids what they should and shouldn't eat, let the f**king parents decide'.

Explaining the dilemma further, he claimed that staff at his daughter's school were picky over packed lunches but the options they served weren't always healthy themselves.

He said: "It's alright if you eat the chocolate cake the school gives you, but you put one in their lunchbox they go 'oh you shouldn't have that'."

His response was to leave a note in the lunchbox which explained that whatever was in there was A-Okay by her dad.

It read: "Welcome to my daughter's lunchbox! We are aware of the contents of this box and our happy for our daughter to eat whatever she wants."

For any avoidance of doubt he had also added a picture of his daughter onto the label so nobody looking at it could mistake it for anyone else's.

If the first note he put in his daughter's lunchbox didn't work then this second one might do the trick.

The father actually made two notes to go in his daughter's lunchbox, with one significantly more angry than the other, but he revealed that his partner talked him out of that one.

It's probably just as well, since the second note read: "Step away from the lunchbox you nosey f**king a*** bandit."

You can see how that one might have caused a few problems, but plenty were really approving of the dad's plan to tell off school staff for cracking down on lunches.

One person said they 'would rather a child ate and was full than lots of 'healthy' foods they won't eat', while another said they worked at a school where they had to 'confiscate a Penguin bar from a kid's lunchbox' even though the school itself served cake.

Someone else said it was a 'nightmare' as their local school did 'promote healthy eating' but when their child came home they were 'saying they had pizza and chips and some cake'.

Another parent said the first label was the right approach, but if things didn't change the dad could always use the second note.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/teddyevascents

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