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Adorable Collies Pose For 'Peaky Blinders' Themed Photo Shoot

Adorable Collies Pose For 'Peaky Blinders' Themed Photo Shoot

Forget 'Calendar Girls' these doggos have produced the ultimate charity calendar.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Forget Calendar Girls, because some adorable dogs have now posed for a charity calendar and it is the best thing we ever did see.

The pooches - all eight of them - belong to owner Kaylee Garrick from the Shetland Islands, Scotland, and she seems to have found the knack of enticing her doggos to pose in the most fabulous fashion, resulting in the cutest calendar.

Many of us struggle to get our pup to even sit at times, but not Kaylee, she told our friends at UniLad: "I use a positive reinforcement technique.

"Basically, anything I want a dog to do I reward the behaviour that I want to see.

"Over time the dog associates doing what I want them to (i.e. posing) with the reward and will do it automatically when I want."

The dogs appearing to wear wellingtons is seriously cute (
Kaylee Garrick)
The poses are real but Kaylee photoshopped two real pictures together here (
Kaylee Garrick)
Kaylee was extra creative for the calendar photos (
Kaylee Garrick)

And the results are magnificent - especially the Peaky Blinders pose.

But the creativity didn't stop there, because Kaylee also snapped her seven Shetland sheepdogs and one Alaskan Klee Kai appearing to be wearing colourful welly boots, as well as holding a red love heart balloon.

Kaylee, 29, just happens to be a Scottish ambulance technician, so the money raised from the 2020 calendar went to ambulance staff charity TASC, which helps struggling employees in service, as well as Bravehound, a charity that trains therapy dogs to assist war veterans.

It sold out so quickly though, you can no longer buy one. Well, who wouldn't want these talented fur-babies on their wall at home?

One of the dogs held onto a love heart balloon for this pose (
Kaylee Garrick)
This wintry snap set the scene for the end of the calendar (
Kaylee Garrick)

Turns out people all over the world loved the snaps, she was shipping them all over!And whilst Kaylee edits and adds fun photoshop designs in, the poses are real. The intelligent dogs will arrange themselves into formation on command thanks to Kaylee's excellent training.

She told UNILAD: "People don't believe me that the dogs are actually posed the way they are. They think they're completely photoshopped.

"Admittedly, the ones where they're jumping TOTALLY are (they would have banged into each other if that had been real)."

Kaylee photoshopped a dragon into this Game of Thrones image (
Kaylee Garrick)
Kaylee snapped her dogs seeing in the new year in style (
Kaylee Garrick)

The calendar snaps aren't the only photos Kaylee takes either, because she does them for fun too - and we are in LOVE with the Game of Thrones one that she's edited a dragon into. It's epic.

We're obsessed with these clever charitable doggos!

Featured Image Credit: Kaylee Garrick/Facebook

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