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'Peaky Blinders' Fans Will Love This Boozy Gangster-Themed Train Trip

'Peaky Blinders' Fans Will Love This Boozy Gangster-Themed Train Trip

Tommy Shelby would be all over this train ride.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

If you're a murder mystery fanatic and Peaky Blinders fan combined, who happens to enjoy a glass of vino or two, we've found your dream experience.

The Napa Valley Wine Train, which runs dinner and wine-fuelled murder mystery train rides in its native California, has recently launched its list of events for 2020 - and there's a special date for fans of all things gangster.

While last year's roster was made up of mainly roaring 20s-themed murder mystery rides, the company's offering for the new year is wide ranging, with our favourite definitely being the 'Death of a Gangster' theme.

Napa Valley Wine Train)

Sounding like something straight from the set of the BBC gangster drama, the three hour-long train ride includes a multiple course gourmet meal and wine, while guests are asked to dress in 20s attire as they set the scene of the evening's 'whodunnit?' mystery.

Tell us you can't imagine Tommy Shelby, flanked by his family, sipping a glass of whiskey while trying to work out who killed who aboard this train?

(Side note, this would make SUCH a good Peaky episode. You can have that one for free, Steven Knight!)

'Peaky Blinders' protagonist Tommy Shelby would fit right in on this gangster train (

"With jealous, jilted lovers, deadly secrets, and plenty of intrigue, our vintage train sets the stage for a devious game of cat and mouse as you search for a killer-or hide your insidious identity from your fellow dinner guests," says the company.

"Of course, you'll still enjoy three gourmet courses of fine California cuisine on your journey. You'll just solve a murder on the side. We hear it pairs nicely with a smooth pinot noir."

Revamped to its former glory, the steel train cars of the Napa Valley Wine Train were built by the Pullman Standard Company in 1915, and were the height of technological advancement at their time.

The train features mahogany paneling, brass accents, etched glass partitions, and velveteen fabric armchairs. The Shelby Company would no doubt be lapping up these levels of opulence.

The Le Petit Gourmet Dining Car where guest will dine (
Napa Valley Wine Train)

With tickets starting at $250 (£194), there are only three dates in place for the 'Death of a Gangster' event - Friday 15th May, Friday 12th June, Thursday 27th August - so you better get in there quickly to ensure your spot.

Of course you'll have to make it to California, too, but what an excuse to tie in your train tour with a trip of the Golden State? It'd make a dreamy birthday present for the Peaky fan in your life.

And if the thug life isn't for you, there are a ton of other themes to choose from, from 'Crime and Punishment' to 'Totally 80s Totally Murder' and 'Midnight at the Masquerade'.

See the full list of dates from the Napa Valley Wine Train below:

Crime and Punishment (20s attire):

  • Saturday, January 25th
  • Saturday, February 22nd
  • Saturday, March 21st
  • Saturday, April 25th
  • Friday, May 29th
  • Saturday, June 27th
  • Saturday, October 10th
  • Saturday, November 7th
  • Saturday, November 14th
    Men, don your flat caps, and women, your flapper dresses (
    Napa Valley Wine Train)

Midnight at the Masquerade (Masquerade attire):

  • Tuesday, February 25th
Death of a Gangster (20s attire):
  • Friday, May 15th
  • Friday, June 12th
  • Thursday, August 27th
Totally 80s Totally Murder (80s attire):
  • Thursday, July 16th
Dance with Death (50s attire):
  • Thursday, July 30th
Now You See It, Now You Don't (Elegant evening gowns and suits):
  • Thursday, August 13th
    Napa Valley Wine Trains)
Till Death Do Us Part (Wedding Attire. Wear your own wedding dress, bridesmaid dress, suit, etc):
  • Thursday, September 10th
  • Thursday, September 24th
Wizards and Witches (Witch hats and wizard robes are encouraged):
  • Saturday, October 24th
The Most Wonderful Crime of the Year (Holiday or Christmas Sweater-themed attire):
  • Saturday, December 5th

Murder Mystery nights run from 5.30-8.30pm and you can book your ticket aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train here.

Featured Image Credit: Napa Valley Wine Train

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