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Woman claims boss told her to wear 'bigger clothes' so men wouldn't be distracted

Woman claims boss told her to wear 'bigger clothes' so men wouldn't be distracted

Aisha Mason has argued her body shape is 'not her fault'

A staff member at Costco said she's been left 'embarrassed' after allegedly being told by her boss to wear 'bigger clothes' because 'the men keep looking at' her while she was on the job.

Costco worker Aisha Mason took to TikTok to share her story after allegedly being 'called into the office' recently while she was at work.

Describing herself as 'borderline p**sed', Aisha showed off her outfit of a burgundy polo shirt and grey trousers and explained that although she was 'following dress code', she had been encouraged to 'come to work in bigger clothes'.

"My body shape is too much for my job," Aisha said, adding: "How is this my fault?"

On Instagram, Aisha continued: "You pull me away from doing my job to tell me that I had the wrong type of body to wear the clothes that I’m wearing?

“I have on regular dress pants, and your excuse was the men in the tyre shop and the boys keep stopping and looking at me? That’s not my fault."

Aisha claimed her employees were 'body shaming' her.

Alongside the video, the employee claimed she had the 'wrong body shape' to wear the 'right attire' for the job, adding: "I AM IN DRESS CODE... but because the men keep looking at me, I have to come to work in bigger clothes.."

Aisha described the ordeal as 'body shaming', 'harassment' and 'just plain wrong', arguing that the company should focus on 'more important things' than her body shape.

In a follow-up post, the employee shared a picture of what she said were her 'dress code policy agreements' for her job.

"My dress code policy agreements," she wrote alongside the post, adding: "I’m so sick of the comments about how inappropriate I looked just because my clothes were fitted, and I take pride in my appearance…"

The agreement stated that employees should look 'neat, clean and professional'.

Aisha claimed she was following dress code.

The TikToker has been met with a wealth of support since she first shared her story, with many commenters agreeing that she was not at fault for her outfit.

"Always a hater in the background!! U are gorgeous!!," one person wrote, while another commented: "Yep! My daughter got written up at work for her shorts being too short. She has a shape, but the little skinny Minnie’s were fine."

A third person wrote: "Once again, women being held responsible for men’s behavior. This has got to stop."

Tyla has contacted Costco for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/binti_ya_oshun

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