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People shocked as woman reveals red underwear works best with white clothes

People shocked as woman reveals red underwear works best with white clothes

"Consider us SHOOKETH!"

TikTokers have been left shocked after a woman revealed a red underwear hack for wearing white clothes, which will make NO logical sense to our brain, but seems to work surprisingly well.

When choosing an outfit for the day, underwear is often one of the main components we have to think about.

After all, while a pair of gigantic grey knickers might feel comfortable in the comfort of your own home, they’ll look a little less dignified under that sleek silk wedding dress you’re dreaming of wearing one day.

Indeed, this is always an issue if we’re planning to wear white, which often leaves little to the imagination.

But while black underwear is often a no-go, a trend on TikTok suggests there may be a surprising better solution: red.

Yes, really.

TikTokers @lezethelabel, a clothing retailer specialising in recycled work-leisure wear that ‘feels like pyjamas’, tested the hack out after seeing a video from Taylor Donoghue (@taylordonoghuee).

The team at Leze the Label decided to give it a go.

Donoghue said: “If you’re ever wearing white clothing and you don’t know what undergarments to wear that won’t show... Red!”

The team from Leze the Label, founded by entrepreneurs Tanya and Karen, decided to give it a go, exclaiming in the video: “What the f**k?!”

Wearing white sweatpants with bright red knickers underneath, the woman bends over to show there is now a sign of the undies.

“Oh, she’s right!” she says to the camera.

The label added in the video’s caption: “@Taylordonoghuee consider us SHOOKETH.”

And it seems many other TikTokers were equally stunned.

“Why has no one ever told me this?” one asked, with Leze replying: “SAME. Life feels like a lie rn.”

They were 'shooketh'.

Someone else said it was the ‘best tip ever’, while a third wrote: “I TRIED to tell my mama this but she INSISTS on wearing a white bra under her white shirts, it's the WORST.”

A fourth added: “I always wear skin color like tan or beige... never heard of this.”

Trying to offer up a possible explanation for the reason it seems to work, one commented: “Might be that the red and white combined make a pinkish color that blends for fairer skin tones?”

Others, meanwhile, weren’t convinced, with one other TikTok user saying: “There is no WAY that’s the best color to wear l try it with white and other lighter colors?”

But Leze replied: “Truuuust we’ve tried it with nude, light grey, etc but somehow red was the [winner].”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lezethelabel

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