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Woman urges shoppers to wash new clothes after making terrifying discovery

Woman urges shoppers to wash new clothes after making terrifying discovery

TikToker Ellen Danz was shocked to find something lurking in a piece of clothing while shopping and is now issuing a plea to other shoppers.

It is certainly pretty common for shoppers to give charity shop finds a wash before they wear them as they have been worn by someone else after all.

However, you'd don't expect to have to do such a thing with new clothes - they are new after all.

Obviously, you'll want to be aware that all sorts of people have probably handled your new purchase, and a whole succession of people might have tried it on first in the store.

However, one woman found something even more disturbing when she was searching through the clothing racks of a shop, and it's a very good reason to wash new things you buy.

This isn't one for the faint-hearted. Watch below:

TikToker Ellen Danz (@Els22022) couldn't help but let out a scream when she was shopping at a Lululemon store and realised what was lurking between the leggings and sports bras.

At first she was annoyed that the clothes were infested with cobwebs and wondered if there was a spider lurking somewhere inside.

It was even worse than that, as she made the terrifying discovery first that there were eggs all along the webs and their mother was not far away.

She kept going through the clothes rack of cobwebs until she found a really huge spider lurking right where the webs were thickest.

Those are cobwebs and spider eggs. Yep.

Rather understandably the woman let out quite the scream, because when you're looking through sports bras you don't expect to see a giant spider hanging out and infesting them all with its eggs.

It was a shock to plenty who watched the video, as one TikTok user admitted that her 'heart stopped', while another joked 'I'd sue for emotional distress'.

A third commented: "This is why you should clean your clothes after buying."

Others were more horrified when they saw Ellen touching the discovery with her bare hands in the video.

"WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING THE SPIDERWEBS," asked one viewer rather fairly.

"I'm actually screaming THE EGGS" commented another, while someone else added: "You're brave for touching that omg."

In a follow-up video, Ellen reassured viewers that there was no way they'd come across this branch, explaining that it had closed down since she had made the terrifying discovery.

Not exactly what you want to be seeing in your new clothes is it?

She wrote: "Don’t worry about shopping this location, it shut down a week later."

Viewers soon got to talking about what they would do if they had made the creepy-crawly discovery themselves. People were pretty clear they'd take it really seriously as one wondered 'why didn’t ANYONE call pest control', as they pointed out a whole bunch of spider infested clothes were 'dangerous'.

Another said it 'baffles me' that nobody had done a thing about it, while a third wanted to know 'WHY DID YOU NOT KILL IT'.

So yeah, after all that it is probably best to wash any new clothes you buy.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@els22022

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