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Mum says parents should ban buying children Christmas Eve boxes

Mum says parents should ban buying children Christmas Eve boxes

A cost cutting mum has suggested parents steer clear of Christmas Eve boxes this year.

The most wonderful time of the year is almost upon us, though if you step into pretty much any supermarket they've already gone full Christmas mode.

Christmas comes but once each year, though it seems to come earlier and earlier every time, and with that come Christmas traditions both old and new.

You shouldn't really be putting up the decorations until Advent, which this year is 27 November, but it never hurts to start planning gift ideas as soon as possible.

Some people have already started their Christmas shopping, while on the other end of the scale we all know someone who'll do the classic Christmas Eve trolley dash.

However, for many households this year's festive season might be a bit more subdued than usual as times are tough for lots of people right now and you've got to save money wherever you can find it.

With that in mind, there's one Christmas gift parents are being encouraged to steer clear of this year and it's the Christmas Eve box.

For those not in the know, it's where you get a box and fill it with pre-Christmas gifts for your family members to open and enjoy on Christmas Eve.

Many families will be facing a tougher Christmas than usual this year.
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They're often packed with things for people to enjoy on the night before Christmas, like pyjamas to sleep in while Santa visits, thick socks to keep your feet warm on those cold December nights and other assorted gifts like hot chocolate or scented candles.

You can make your own, but many retailers now offer the chance to buy these gift boxes, and one mum has argued that with times being what they are, buying a Christmas Eve box is an expense you don't need this year.

TikToker @budgetingmum pointed out the flaw with the Christmas Eve boxes, explaining that 'the magic of Christmas will be in the memories you make as a family', not spending loads of money on a gift most won't get much use out of.

She said: "I know how easy it is to get sucked into these products thinking that it's gonna make a magical Christmas for your children.

"But I just wanted to say that it isn't. You don't need to spend £50 on matching pyjamas that you're all gonna wear once. Your children don't need a personalised Christmas Eve box.

The Christmas Eve box is probably an acceptable loss this year as times are tough.
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"In my experience I just fill them with stuff they don't even look at and you don't need to have all of these fancy lights outside of your house paying the electricity bills on them costing a fortune."

Lots of people in the comments under the video agreed with her, saying the boxes were a 'waste of money' and lamenting the 'amount of pressure on parents' to keep up with new and expensive trends.

A few others said they'd still 'want to do it' for their kids as it was something else to brighten up the festive period, while some said they'd be making their own.

Featured Image Credit: Sergey Gogolev/Alamy Stock Photo/TikTok/@budgetingmum

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