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Mum who started Christmas shopping early says she's already spent over £1,000 on two children

Aisha Nozari

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Mum who started Christmas shopping early says she's already spent over £1,000 on two children

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

As we zoom towards the festive season, Christmas present shopping is probably starting to sneak into the forefront of many parents’ minds.

But one UK mum has already done most of her seasonal shopping, and not only that, she’s splashed over £1000 in the process.

Doting mum Siân revealed on her TikTok page that she’d splashed an eye-watering amount on toys for her kids, and it’s not even December yet.

Watch Siân's video below:


She could be seen pushing her trolley into a Smyths store before loading it with toys including Barbies and toy cars.

Siân explained on social media: "It's here guys, you've been waiting for the Christmas haul."

She went on: "I'm not going to lie, I don't think I'm done, well I'm definitely not done."

Siân also told her followers that she was buying her two kids ‘what she knows they’ll play with’, adding: “I used to do the kids like one big present and loads of little presents but then, they've got everything.

"They've got iPads, they've got a phone, they've got TVs, so there isn't actually anything as a big main present."

Arriving home after her shopping haul, Siân unloaded two trolleys worth of toys onto the floor, revealing she could cover the entire floor space with her lucky kids’ presents.

She then stored them away in black bags, explaining that she had to ‘hide’ all the goodies from her young children.

Siân revealed her shopping trip’s total in the comment section below her video, replying to a fan who asked: "I need to know how much it cost altogether!"

Siân responded: "Okay as you’ve asked; £1255.56 (there was some stuff for Taiya which I can’t show totalling £180ish)."

Needless to say, Siân’s post left her followers divided, with some praising the mum and others saying she’d acted excessively.

Christmas is fast approaching. Credit: Jochen Tack / Alamy Stock Photo
Christmas is fast approaching. Credit: Jochen Tack / Alamy Stock Photo

One person wrote: “Sometimes less is more. Teaching our children that they can't have everything is important,” while a second added: “I feel bad, my kids get about £100/£150 each.”

“What we spend on our kids doesn't determine how good a mum we are,” commented a third TikToker.

Others leapt to Siân’s defence, with another mum penning: “As a mother I love nothing more than seeing other mums spoil and make their kids happy.”

“Oh this fills me with joy, this year is a hard year for us, lots of second hand toys and my heart breaks but it's so nice seeing a mother spoil her [kids],” said someone else.

A third supportive comment read: “I get we are going through a cost of living crisis but for god's sake let people spend their money how they wish!”

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Aisha Nozari
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