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American Woman Baffled By British Husband's Bed Habit

American Woman Baffled By British Husband's Bed Habit

We've all done it.

An American woman was left baffled after noticing her British husband's 'unusual' bed habit.

Watch her video below:

TikToker Chloe Tucker Caine, also known as @chloeinmanhattan, keeps her followers updated with the cultural differences between herself and her British husband.

In one of her latest videos, she was left baffled after discovering her husband's bedroom habit.

The video has received more than 72,000 comments and over 6000 likes as people debated whether Chloe's husband's bed time routine was unusual.

Most people agreed that it's actually quite universal in the UK.

“Yes this is defo a normal British thing, I do it everyday,” said one TikTok user.

Chloe was completely baffled by her husband's bedtime technique (

A second person agreed and asked: “Where else would you put them??”

While a third commenter wrote: “Doesn't everyone do this? I certainly do”.

And a fourth quipped: "It's the law in England”.

"You've got a good British one," another woman said in the comments. "Mine knows it belongs there but chooses the floor to store his."

Some people from around the world chipped in and said it’s not just a British thing. 

“In South Africa we do the same," said one man.

An Australian woman revealed her French mum taught her to keep her pyjamas behind a pillow.

“Mexican here and I do that. Where else??,” one TikTok user typed.

TikTok users said her husband's bed routine was 'universal' (

On the other hand some people were also left seriously confused after hearing about Chloe’s husband, with a few calling it the next great TikTok hack.

“I didn’t even know this was a thing! I must of had a bad upbringing…" one user confessed. "I’ll start doing it from tomorrow! I love how educational Tiktok is!”

Another person explained why they prefer to keep their pyjamas behind their pillow and it actually makes a lot of sense. In response to Chloe’s video they said: “Because they’re not clean enough to go in the drawer but they’re not dirty enough to go in the wash.”

A second woman added: “Where else do you put them? Floor isn’t for clothes you want to wear again. Drawers aren’t for used clothes. Under pillow is tidy”.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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