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Bridesmaid-To-Be Sparks Debate Over Dress Groom Picked For Her

Bridesmaid-To-Be Sparks Debate Over Dress Groom Picked For Her

TikTok users can't decide if this man knew what he was doing or not.

A woman has sparked a debate on TikTok after revealing the eye-popping bridesmaid dresses her friend's fiancé picked out for their big day.

Sitting down in a flowery, blue dress that showed off her bust in almost its entirety, TikTok user @ig_pilyplum96 said: "So my best friend let her fiancé pick the bridesmaid dresses." Watch below:

The British TikToker captioned the video 'Hm', and it went far from unnoticed on the social media website, garnering over 2.5 million views at the time of writing.

She has also previously revealed that she has particularly large breasts that come in at a size 34GG, making wearing certain items of clothing difficult.

People were quick to flood the comments section with opinions about the dress, and they were divided about its appropriateness, to say the least.

Some speculated that the woman's fiancé deliberately wanted to show off her friend's breasts, with one viewer writing: "Man knew what he was doing."

"That is the biggest red flag ever, he'd be single after this it if was me," wrote a second.

"I think he had you in mind when he chose the dress," added a third, while a fourth agreed, writing: "He's understood the assignment."

A fifth speculated: "Fiancee, Best man and all the Ushers defo had a Whatsapp convo about this first [sic]."

What do you think of this bridesmaid dress?

However, not everyone was so critical of the man and some believed this woman simply needed a bigger size of the dress.

"Will a bigger size dress work i am sure you will look beautiful on the day [sic]," questioned another viewer.

"Had the same problem with that dress and had to take it back," remarked a different TikToker, who presumably had too much cleavage on show for her liking in the dress.

Other viewers suggested that the woman could get the dress altered or simply wear a vest so that it's less eye-popping.

"If you feel uncomfortable in it then you could possibly do a white vest underneath or get it altered," suggested one.

A second added: "Wear it as a skirt with a lacy top?"

"White full lace v neck from Zara underneath," suggested a third viewer.

These suggestions didn't go unnoticed by the TikToker, who went on to try some of the suggestions, and while the blue vest she tried didn't seem to work, viewers were adamant that it would likely be 'less boobage' with a white one.

What do you think of the dress? Did this man have any idea what it would look like or did he innocently try his best?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ig_pilyplum96

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