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Newlywed lost thousands of pounds after more than half of wedding guests didn't turn up

Newlywed lost thousands of pounds after more than half of wedding guests didn't turn up

This is devastating

A new bride was left heartbroken when less than half of the wedding guests who RSVP'd showed up.

Gray Narvaez-Dragion, 18, and their husband spent thousands of dollars on food, music, and gifts for their guests, but most of it ended up going to waste.

When Gray uploaded a quick five-second clip of the empty reception hall, they quickly racked up more than three million views.

People couldn't believe it when they read Gray's caption, which said: "88 people said yes... not even 40 showed up."

And when a small few questioned whether Gray was exaggerating, they were more than happy to follow up with the proof, sharing a Google form of all 88 RSVP'd wedding guests.

In a follow-up post, Gray revealed to followers that once they and their husband Nyx realised no one was coming, they 'literally sat in the empty ceremony room together and cried'.

Gray added: "Ended reception early, Nyx’s family immediately left after pictures, my Mom didn't say a single word to me until my Dad made her. Canceled my dream send off, canceled dinner at my favourite place."

Speaking to Insider after their big day, Gray explained that they and their husband Nyx were especially confused since they had been in constant communication with all of their no-shows.

One guest even texted on the morning of the wedding to say how excited she was, but never showed up.

Not even 40 of the 88 RSVP'd guests showed up on the day.

"Every person we invited wasn't random; we loved every single one very dearly," Gray insisted.

Gray estimates that they and their husband lost between $2,500 (£2,093) and $3,000 (£2,512), with their massive charcuterie table and wedding cake almost completely untouched.

The couple had also put together sweet gifts for all of their guests - 'spell jars' with custom-made resin magnets and soaps, to manifest fortune, love, and grounding.

"We have most of them in my car right now," the disappointed bride revealed.

"We haven't even really unpacked it. My flowers are still in there. It hurts too much now."

While the couple may have been let down by their guests, the love and support they've received online has made up for it.

The couple have had so many sweet messages from TikTok users.

Gray's videos of the day have been absolutely flooded with kind messages from strangers.

"I'm so sorry," wrote one. "Your wedding looked beautiful. They didn't deserve your invite."

A second commented: "We are all celebrating you, I'm so sorry this happened but I hope you can feel all the love here."

And a third even suggested: "if you ever decide to do like a vow renewal or something similar like a second wedding, do not hesitate to reach out! there are lots of us here now."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@grayanxiety

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