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Bride sparks debate after saying bridesmaids shouldn't have to pay to be a part of wedding day

Bride sparks debate after saying bridesmaids shouldn't have to pay to be a part of wedding day

Bride-to-be Claudia had very strong feelings when it comes to her bridesmaids

A bride-to-be has sparked debate online after asking her followers whether bridesmaids should have to pay to be involved in a wedding.

Being asked to part of the bride's wedding is definitely an honour, but it's not without its responsibilities. Depending on the wedding - and the bride - the job can involve a lot of planning, organising and stress management, and often a lot of money, as bride-to-be Claudia explains:

The TikToker noted that bridesmaids can sometimes be expected to pay for the hen party, as well as being lumped with bills for bridal showers, makeup, hair, dresses, jewellery and shoes - not to mention the cost of a wedding gift to celebrate the happy couple.

However, she argued: "Your wedding is not your bridesmaids' financial responsibility."

By asking the wedding party to cover the cost of their outfits, hair and so on, Claudia expressed belief you are 'essentially asking them to pay for your financial responsibilities' and expecting them to put money to the side specifically to celebrate your big day.

"It may not be in their budget at all," Claudia explained.

The TikToker pointed out that bridesmaids are already committing a lot to the role without bringing money into it, including their 'time', 'emotional energy' and 'physical energy'.

Claudia thinks brides should pay for their own bridesmaids.

Instead of assuming the bridesmaids will be able to pay their way, Claudia encouraged anyone getting married to consider whether the cost would be 'financially viable' for those involved, if they're being asked to pay.

She also urged people to consider whether they'd be comfortable paying the same amount of money for someone else's wedding.

Claudia went on to note that 'every situation is different', and asked viewers to share their own thoughts on the matter.

The question sparked a debate among other TikTokers, with some taking Claudia's side while others had wildly different expectations.

After watching the clip, one person wrote: "I agree, I feel like you should only have the amount of bridesmaids you can afford. I don’t want to stress anyone out financially."

Another agreed, writing: "Brides who are expecting bridesmaid's to pay should not have a wedding [...] thats a pathetic expectation. well done to you."

Should bridesmaids pay for themselves?
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One bride responded to say they'd 'asked [their] bridesmaids to only pay for their dresses', which they believed was 'fair', while another responded: "I mean I would personally do 50/50 only because then they have their freedom of choice too."

However, one viewer suggested the expectation may vary depending on where you're from.

They wrote: "This has got to be a cultural thing… as an American I’ve never heard of the bride paying for everything. Or really anything."

With the responses mixed across the board, what are your thoughts on asking the bridesmaids to pay?

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