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Blind woman who regained her vision opens up on seeing husband for the first time

Blind woman who regained her vision opens up on seeing husband for the first time

I'm not crying, you're crying.

A blind woman who miraculously regained her vision has described the emotional moment she saw her husband for the first time.

Sophia Corah, 24, was declared legally blind in 2017, after suddenly suffering from poor eyesight and eventually losing her vision altogether in the space of just a few months.

It wasn't until after she lost her sight that Sophia met her husband Christian Corah, who was first a uni friend that wanted to help cure Sophia's condition.

Sophia had been diagnosed with keratoconus- a condition that makes it difficult for the cornea of the eye to hold its round shape.

Thinking back on the terrifying experience, she shared: “At first I thought it was an allergy attack or something,” she said.

“I drove to school and realised my eyesight was going when I couldn’t read the paper. It was so scary, and I think I sobbed for six months. I feared I’d never see the faces of my future children.”

Sophia met Christian while studying at Adams State University in Colorado, and the friends instantly hit it off. Christian supported Sophia as her eyesight worsened, researched her condition, and found a procedure that could help her regain her vision.

He helped to fundraise over £16k in the space of just five weeks so that Sophia to have the surgery, which she eventually had in October 2018.

Just under a year later, Sophia regained full 20/20 vision and finally saw Christian for the first time.

Recalling the magical moment, the science teacher said that he was just as handsome as she imagined - but she fell in love for "him as a person" not his "good looks".

The couple married in June 2021.

She admitted: “Seeing Christian for the first time was so overwhelming but after I’d calmed down, I realised what a cutie he was.

“I had already built a connection with him that it didn’t matter what he looked like, but it was very nice to properly see his face after all this time. He was even more handsome than I could have imagined."

Meanwhile, it turned out that Christian was just as smitten as Sophia was.

The data analyst said: “As soon as I met Sophia, I was drawn to her. She was such a fighter and she’d never use her blindness as an excuse.”

When Sophia was suffering from keratoconus, all she could see when she looked at Christian was "about ten eyes all over the place", so she couldn't really piece his face together properly.

After finally having enough money to undergo the surgery to correct her eyesight, her vision gradually came back bit by bit.

“Christian and I had stayed in touch after I went home for the surgery and I realised that no one else made me feel like he did,” she said.

When she finally discovered that she had feelings for Christian, Sophia boldly declared her love for him in October 2020, and luckily, he felt the same way.


Describing the fairytale moment, she said: “I decided to travel to see him after I had built up the courage to tell him how I felt.

“It was really intense seeing him for the first time because I could see every detail of his face so clearly. But I could see how handsome he was - he had a gorgeous smile.

"I knew I'd fallen for him and had to tell him how I felt. Luckily he felt the same way.”

They immediately began dating in October 2020, and just three months later, Christian popped the question. The couple officially tied the knot in June 2021.

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