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People Are Baffled Over ‘Arm Twist’ Challenge

People Are Baffled Over ‘Arm Twist’ Challenge

We have to try this!

TikTok is the place where all the latest dance crazes, makeup trends and recipes go viral. However, one challenge has recently blown the minds of users of the app - behold, the arm twist challenge.

Watch the video below:

TikToker Jon Andrews, from Lombardy, Canada, who posts as @jonnynovaxx, shared the viral video on his page in April and it has racked up just under three million views in the following weeks.

People have been left feeling confused after watching Jon seamlessly interlace and untwist his arms and they're all stumped about how to do it themselves.

In the video, Jon explains: "Most people can't do it that the first try".

And it seems Jon is totally right.

One woman replied: “Not the first or the fifth….. WTF. Directions requested”.

Another TikTok user added: “Dude I’ve tried 10 times and still can’t”.

Jon has confused everyone with the 'arm twist' challenge.

A third frustrated TikTok account wrote: “It’s almost midnight and I can’t figure it out”.

Someone else quipped: “I watched this. I watched the instructions. It's been 40 min”.

While another person joked: “Bro my shoulder dislocated because of this i needed help putting it back lol.”

One commenter was convinced they had cracked the challenge, writing: “Left arm goes over right arm that's the only way to do it.”

However lots of people in the comments disagreed.

People are trying to master the arm twist challenge.

Some people were familiar with the trick and took to the comments to question why so many people were confused.

One person advised: “Turn your bottom hand the other way and it works. Lol.”

While someone else replied: “How do people not see that you’re turning the hand at the bottom so the palm is facing up before clasping the hands…”

Thankfully, after countless attempts, the people of TikTok got their heads around the trick. “Took me a few times till I said duh! Perfect trick after the boys had a few,” one person shared.

If you need us we'll be attempting this for the rest of the day!

Featured Image Credit: jonnynovaxx/sophiena_official/TikTok

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